"The masked sing will guess" certainly we think the super Goddess – Beijing "Santa Claus reindeer" not at home "silly white sweet" Queen of hearts "Afanda pointed ears" sister "iron man"…… Jiangsu TV will sing "masked guess" the debut of the masked singer, wrapped tight, nicknamed nonsense, let the audience feel Meng circle: "one can not guess even, these names are what?" A talk about these two dimensional characteristics of mask shape and singer pseudonym, program director Che car frankly, have assembled a singer with the program group two party team brainstorming. "We hope on the stage of the singer’s image is masked to give the audience a pleasant mood, rather than the pursuit eye effect of the horror effect." For example, the mask of Yoga Lin after three times improvement, "Panda" helmet equivalent of a miniature version of the studio, no flaws to bring the singers. Provoke guess jury hot "reindeer", is expected after Faye Wong, Che car response thought: "I can only say that there must be an unexpected supergoddess." (Tang Fei)相关的主题文章: