The man lost his battery car was bought and parked back to the old location (Figure) – there are two "master" battery car. Newspaper reporter Gan Xiayi in late August, Lee spent 3000 yuan to buy a battery car stolen. But in the afternoon the day before yesterday, he found his lost battery car and appeared in the parking spaces outside the District, this is what is going on? More than and 30 year old Lee lives in Shapingba University City Fuli city district. After buying a battery car, every night he will stop in the area outside the road designated temporary parking spaces. Because the body is decorated with patterns, it is easy to identify. On the 21 day of the month, Mr. Lee’s car battery disappeared, then he hogye to the police station, there has been no response. The day before yesterday afternoon, Mr. Lee was suddenly found in the area outside the door of his lost car, the body of the right pattern, some of the traces of the rub is also right!" So, he used a safety lock key, opened the car battery lock "! This is my car!" Mr. Li later told police that he was sure it was his car, but do not know how it is "back", "or when the car is not stolen, I forgot the parking position?……" So, Mr. Li to have this car stolen car battery to replace the safety lock, and stop the car to the area outside another. But it’s not that simple. 8 points last night, more than and 20 year old Chen (a pseudonym) call 110, said a few days ago to spend 1400 yuan to buy a second-hand car battery was shifted, the replacement of the safety lock. Police rushed to the district security asked about the situation, security, said that afternoon they saw Mr. Lee took the car to replace the lock. Police found Mr. Lee, just to get things clear. It is predicted to be the thief to steal after Mr. Lee’s car to the garage, Chen just bought over two "owners" not only live in the same district, and two people are also very close to the parking position. Two people sigh: the world is too small. Chen said, he in the car, car only a receipt. The boss Zhang also admitted that the car is not long ago from a friend Liu hand purchase. Following this clue, the police found Ryu, he said the acquisition of a man from the hands of the network from a double monument. At present, the police are tracing the sand collecting dirty and car theft suspects. Newspaper reporter Tan Yao相关的主题文章: