The lenient penalty pleaded guilty to   to prevent the money (focus deliberation) – the rule of law, August 29th, members of the NPC Standing Committee to authorize the conduct of criminal cases in parts of the draft decision that the pilot pleaded guilty penalty leniency system. Carry out the "guilty penalty reform leniency system to strengthen the judicial protection of human rights and the implementation of the leniency policy, optimize the allocation of judicial resources, improve work efficiency, it is necessary. To encourage and guide the criminal suspect or defendant voluntarily truthfully confessed crimes, pleaded guilty to prescribed penalty found louzui still prosecution, which will be conducive to more timely and effectively punish crime, maintaining social stability."   members of Luo Liangquan said. Aili? Ming Bahai vice chairman, pleaded guilty to implement penalty leniency system, can make use of civil compensation and settlement system supporting. In addition, pleaded guilty to recognize punishment leniency system should be carried out in the sentencing range, not enough boundless, especially for the crime, the circumstances are especially bad situation it is not suitable for this system. Li Lianning said that after the implementation of guilty penalty leniency system, to improve work efficiency, shorten handling time, guide the suspect pleaded guilty penalty, has its positive role. But now the pilot program, if not handled properly, it is easy to cause the entire handling system to guide the confession from the evidence. The parties also pleaded guilty to penalty, investigators will no longer be dedicated to investigating and collecting evidence, investigators may lead to inertia. "If the discretion is too large, there may be power trading, bartering, and even the emergence of the problem of corruption. Recommendations in the pilot program of the applicable conditions, the lenient scale should have more specific provisions or the introduction of the implementation details as soon as possible."   new party members said. Lang Sheng suggested that we should adhere to the facts and take the law as the criterion of the rule of law; in the actual work, and now each other should pay attention to the basic legal principles of the leniency, according to the law leniently, clear the range ofleniency; in the design of specific implementation plan, the need to pay attention to the internal logic of the rule of law. To prevent the "buying punishment", Zhou Guangquan suggested that the development of a negative list in detail, such as terrorism crime, the crime of underworld organization, criminal group and other principal recidivist, should not apply guilty penalty leniency system. In general to have a very clear provisions on some heinous criminal leniency, otherwise the old people do not mind at ease. In addition, in order to prevent intimidation, deceive innocent people let him plead guilty, the establishment of supporting measures, such as plea bargaining process should be the whole video recording, ensure full participation of lawyers, to ensure that the defendant’s rights will not be violated. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 31 August 09 Edition) (commissioning editor Wang Zhengqi and Cui Dong)相关的主题文章: