The "intimate partner" premiered on Liu Enyou Lin Shen eleven brothers Tencent entertainment news recently by the famous director Liu Guoquan directed the TV drama "city of Emotional IQ intimate partner" in Beijing held a launch conference, Liu Enyou a black tide with handsome appearance, the scene about shooting fun. It is reported that the play will be held in October 1st in Hubei TV prime time Yangtze River theater formally meet with the audience. Golden family after another masterpiece by Liu Enyou acting director is certainly the "intimate partner" is a collection of business, family, youth, love and other elements from a TV series, this is the masterpiece of the famous director Liu Guoquan following the "Jinfenshijia" after another to build a youth idol theme. The director also admitted: the reason why I would choose this theme can be regarded as an attempt to innovate their own, hoping to understand the current popular elements and young people’s thinking patterns through this drama." The "intimate partner" this drama is mainly about Liu Enyou’s childhood Ma Yong, met Lin Shen as Qiao Tianyu grew up in an orphanage, two people become working partners, together to jointly staged intimate partner. The conference site, for actor Liu Enyou on the show, the director also praised: "Liu Enyou is a very talented and hard-working actor, performing drama Ma Yong Qiao Tianyu gave his can good brotherhood." Liu Enyou Lin Shen in the play and good gay friend close off screen brothers conference site all creative were introduced himself in the play and Shen’s character relationship, Liu Enyou also broke the news to become attached to two people because of the common love for martial arts, while Lin Shen is good at Jiu Jitsu, privately will often together from. Liu Enyou is also moving Master in life, even sitting on the back of actor Zhang Wen, with push ups in the conference site to also be nothing difficult at all. The play is Qiao Tianyu Ma Yong’s bodyguard and nanny, two people are always together to face the difficulties, while Liu Enyou and Lin Shen will also play the brotherhood extends to life. The press conference, Liu Enyou is the scene brought in Lin Shen gave his teenage mutant ninja turtles, as two people friendship. At the same time, he said: "and Lin Shen feel particularly tacit understanding, the play is basically inseparable, private relationship is particularly good, but also use the same paragraph of the headset." Video: "lady’s house," Liu Enyou, the interpretation of the funny spy, Chen Xiang相关的主题文章: