The internet has brought about some amazing innovations in technology but one of its hallmark contributions to the economy is the availability of new and innovative ways to earn a living. In the offline world you have to have all kinds of degrees and notoriety that can cost thousands in college courses and trade schools before you’re even allowed to get any real world experience.

The online world requires the same experience as any offline job, but the difference is you don’t have to prove your notoriety before you’re allowed to try. In trying and failing, making mistakes, and growing from the experience, you can achieve a great deal. Your more bound to the marketing laws of physics than proof that you graduated top of your class in some boxed in school environment devoid of any dynamic thinking.

The real school online is incredibly dynamic, meaning you have many ways to reach the same end, but in the end results are the most powerful dynamic. Results are created from applying specific principals that have been proven to work and that are ahead of the curve but also comprehending that work is still a part of the equation. Learning the basics can take time but that time is well spent because your not just learning text book concepts- your applying them as you go and seeing real world results that return a great deal of power in the form of information and evolution of a skill set.

The online world requires only that you take the time to learn, grow, and develop a realistic view of what it takes to succeed. That you try, try, and try again- even if it’s hard, even if it doesn’t pan out the first 100 times you try. You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars a month over years before you can dive into the online money making career paths. Most of what you need to know is available for free and in the end the only thing that really counts is that you develop an obsession for learning and growing every day. The tuition you pay is sweat equity not money.

Many courses out there are focused on the newbie but just like in the offline world, there are always con-artists trying to steal your hard earned money with flashy terminology and spun lesson plans that are often incomplete or outdated.

The clincher is that these scams only work if you’re trying to take shortcuts instead of taking the time to put in good old fashioned hard work, taking the time to learn the skill set of online marketing concepts, and realizing that the money is not the real wealth you should be chasing at first.  At first you should be chasing the education and experience that later will fortify your skill set and give you a powerful way to make a living online.

Failing is also a part of any successful endeavor. I know that sounds like an oxymoron but the reality is, failing is the culprit to giving you the information you need to tweak your game towards building a winning career in online marketing. When you fail you learn what doesn’t work, or at least what doesn’t work in the matrix of concepts you’re networking to create any end. For example, if you build a site to generate income from adsense and the site never earns a dime. Have you failed? Sure, you’ve failed to earn money but there are more things at steak here than money. Have you won too? Absolutely! You’ve failed in the sense that what you did wasn’t enough to bring in the traffic or ultimately you missed something that would have created opportunity to earn  money. Perhaps you forgot to promote your site; you thought building it was enough. Your failure here would simply be that your awareness wasn’t open enough. Perhaps your content or topic wasn’t one that the masses wanted or needed. This doesn’t make you a failure; it means you now realize that there is more to it than simply building good content and putting it on the web with some adsense ads next to it!

Should you give up? Absolutely not! That would be a waste really. Now you have experience in the BUILD of the site, you learned the format and did everything you learned from fellow internet marketers, but you now need to learn how to refine your site so it brings results and to build on top of what you did succeed in. That may mean changing your sites theme, topic, or even that you just need to learn what brings traffic. Testing things is the base DNA of a successful internet marketer. If you don’t test, you don’t grow. You don’t have to go out and spend thousands on the next greatest course, but rather should look for organizations that offer some form of structure you can use to learn the ropes possibly even one that offers you tools you can use to go through the motions and in doing so you learn as you do- as you see results- good or bad- you always learn and grow. This organization should not charge some ridiculous amount to give you this opportunity, but it should charge you something to maintain your motivation, to assure you try.

Education is as important online as it is offline. The difference is offline you’re forced to show proof that you entered a school- not so much proof that you’re competent in your career choice or even that you paid attention- anyone can cheat to pass a test, but online you can’t cheat or take shortcuts (at least not until you earn the right by having the appropriate experience).

Offline your experience is going to be YOUR tool, YOUR asset, and YOU alone will be held accountable for your ability to make money online simply by flexing what you learn and realizing that this is going to take time.

In college you spend most of your time learning textbook concepts and mainly are tested on how much you can memorize for a test. In the online world, you learn then instantly apply what you learn and over time repeating this process, you develop a skill set. The ‘test’ comes in when you apply what you know and your test score is the gravity of your results.

Weather or not you succeed in this world is dependant on YOU, nobody else. Nobody else’s opinions count, nobody else is going to ask you for your resume. Online your resume is your experience and your proof of results. Your notoriety is your ability to prove your abilities, maintaining your good reputation by putting in the work and networking with others to a common goal, and your contacts. Again, the most important thing your reputation and your online ‘resume’ can show is simply- results. This is an earned right not one you can buy or take without putting in the time to learn the skills.

It’s truly a liberating way to learn, grow, and build a career but it takes an enormous amount of self discipline and accountability to yourself. If you succeed you have yourself to thank. If you fail, you have the same person to thank.


Simon Harris is a freelance author and writer, and full time online marketer. You can find more of Simon’s work at , one of the oldest and most successful online marketing training sites.