The illegal behavior of the traffic control department of Tianjin thorough investigation of traffic only three hours from 6 to investigate drunk driving on the evening of 14, the city’s traffic control department to carry out centralized management action, action scene to investigate drunk driving violations since 63, drunk driving 4, involving licensing law 4, 4 illegal vehicles. The traffic control department at Dazhigu road junction with the six Wei Lu organized the "zero action", from 23 to 2 yesterday morning, this point is to investigate drunk driving offense 6, including 1 cases of drunk driving. Scene: the driver after getting off wobbly 15, about 0:50, a license plate number for Tianjin KGQ6XX Tiguan SUV Dazhigu along the road approaching from east to west, see the traffic police seized after the intention to break card was forced to stop. After seeing the driver get off the rickety, hands on the shoulders of traffic police. Alcohol test results show that the driver’s blood alcohol per 100 ml of 72.4 mg, is close to the edge of drunkenness. Scene two: double Pobai blood test driver’s breath at 1:10 yesterday, traffic police cars, by Zhigu bridge driving license number of Tianjin D803XX stopped a car window, a strong smell of gas emitted by wine, breath alcohol detection per hundred milliliters of blood alcohol content of 124.3 mg. The police immediately took control and rushed to the roadside waiting for 120 emergency vehicles in the blood, blood test results for the blood alcohol content of 100 ml per milliliter of 123.8 mg, is drunk. At present, the driver was transferred to the East Branch of the Public Security Bureau for further processing. [reporter Xu Yan Jiao Xuan correspondent Xu zhe]相关的主题文章: