The H Hotel attack woman why sued introduce prostitution? Sohu news October 28th morning, the H Hotel woman attack someone’s man Lee in the Chaoyang Court, he was in the hotel drag the strange woman was charged out of prostitution. The case involved in the privacy of the public hearing, the prosecution suggested that the sentencing of one to three years. Why Lee has not been investigated with drag and drop behavior crime? Liu Yeqing contractors prosecutors disclosed for the first time in the case after the trial, and through the case of Group No. 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) to answer the questions of the society. At the same time, homicide No. 37 officers also involved in the case of the H Hotel for a visit. Wangjing is located in the 798 involved h hotel. Information photo Beijing News reporter Lin Feiran photo woman was forced to drag the reporter visited the hotel in the hotel. Beijing news news from someone’s man was charged to the tenant two prostitutes in April 5th this year, micro-blog, nicknamed "the _2016" netizen bursts of more than micro-blog, said in Wangjing 798 H Hotel, strange man was dragging, then upload the video monitor. This incident quickly aroused widespread concern in the community. The man Li Mouhou was controlled by the police, and found that he had introduced prostitution facts of the crime. The woman was dragged by strange man in the hotel. Video screenshot indictment shows that the 25 year old Lee unemployed, junior high school education. The prosecutor accused, in March 1st this year, March 9th, in Beijing City, Chaoyang District Jiuxianqiao 798 "Heyi Hotel", Lee has to 600 yuan, 700 yuan price prostitute introduced Hubei Moumou (female, 28 years old, handled separately) in the hotel room to Mr. Kim, Mr. Liu for prostitution. Prosecutors believe that the crime should be held criminally responsible for investigating moumou. Due to the privacy of the parties, the case is not a public hearing today, homicide No. 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) learned that the case in the summary trial, Lee whole good attitude, the case is not a long time. Someone in the H Hotel after the incident in the elevator at the entrance to set up security personnel, in addition to hotel guests are prohibited from entering. The picture data of the Beijing News reporter Xue? Photo Hotel attacks suspected woman drag rub card "after the end of the trial, Liu Yeqing contractors prosecutors told the squad number 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37), that is the fact that the suspect Lee Yi and the hotel Fasthotel specializing in hair trick prostitute prostitution by a small ad, he introduced into the hotel prostitution, he charged a commission from piaozi, he believes that this is a hotel near their place". Someone Heyi hotel rooms have many small cards". Information photo Beijing News reporter Lin Feiran and he did not have a female prostitution hotel room card, usually by the elevator rub the other guests upstairs room card. The incident was curved in the elevator did not find the room card, so Lee felt curved is a prostitute, but he did not know the prostitute. At that time, Lee asked the girl what is being:相关的主题文章: