The game "night country 2" publicity film GUST team launched RPG game "night" at the end of this year the country will launch a new sequel "night in 2", will be available on PS4 PS Vita platform, the official day prior to the public propaganda film. Second will be inherited as a gloomy world outlook, there will be a number of u.s.. Combat process and training system will be adjusted. The main role is to increase to three: "Jard Jie" and "Jana Lili" and "Elune Hyde.". With the demon king ‘night king "after the battle, finally ushered in the victory of human. However, in the "night king" will disappear on the occasion, he and four to foul blood but sowing the seeds. The nature of the people who come into contact with the blue blood will change, and become what is known as the ‘demon’, which will take away the monsters of the night. Since then, when the sun is on the ground, the activities of the people, and when the night comes, the evil demon formicate, people can not sleep sleep. I do not know since when, there will be a ‘no night country’ said. A due to contamination of blue blood, "Curse of the vampire" the girl, in order to night country people’s life, and a girl as "night sacrifice", she launched a hard battle. There is no "no night country" in the corner of the map. In this effort to survive, do their best to fight, disappear in history, belongs to the story of two girls love. The true love based depicted stories than any story but also sad, but more beautiful than the moon —相关的主题文章: