The first test ended the main policy about "war" design concept of CGWR score | war zone novice card booking lead: 7 days of "war" dream of burning the first test has ended, unconventional occupation setting, even the ultimate battle fully and delightfully, burning brain command, real battlefield grand atmosphere, so that all game player who hooked. By measuring two waiting for the suffering of the people began to dig up the game player, "war" in various details. "War" R & D team uphold an open development concept, to explore the game player given one reply, showing the "design concept" of the war out of the ordinary. The first test ended, from "war" Q: why so many branches for each branch, and not like other game each as a separate branch? A: we have done this kind of attempt, but the measured results are not very good. On the one hand, the game player is not enough in-depth understanding of the situation, it is difficult to feel the difference between different arms, too many units will only add to choose the difficulty of the game player. At the same time the development of any army strength, are its natural context, veteran warriors are from the original is cannot withstand a single blow in the war, and temper. We copy the development context, let game player to experience the real battle by entering the rookie, grow into elite Quartet will lead the battle aspect. Experience of war party into battle troops in the main city in Q: why the weapons were away, skills can not be used? A: that’s what it’s meant to be. In our opinion, any war in ancient times, not only is riotings, also mixed the human’s hatred, hatred, love, friendship, etc.. The main city is a player in the fierce fighting outside, can calm down to feel the presence of their own and other players, vent these emotions. Of course, for those who are born good Wu, with the hope that others compete the game player, we also provide their city function. A quiet and beautiful city of Jiujiang Q: the first test in Jiujiang flames PVE map is very fun, but only to enter the open, can make the general map, let the game player want to play? A: when we design this map, but also adhering to the "natural development" concept, only the "Jiujiang chaos" in the context of the story to the rebels when the enemy approached the walls, only need to enter the Jiujiang flames game player ", to defend the city of Jiujiang, at any time can enter from the natural development of the whole story says no. At the same time this map challenge is very difficult, in the first test of pre game player is difficult to reach the corresponding strength, if the game player to enter, will only make them hit head broken and bleeding. The flames of Jiujiang PVE play Q: the difference between the generals is too big, I use a knife shield always assists, are not to kill people. So it is with a long arms, the Marines walk slowly and can not charge, what did not feel. A: "every generals and arms in the war" has its own unique positioning, have different effects on the battlefield, to game player choose according to battlefield situation, weaknesses. If the knife shield generals good defense and cover, the enemy.相关的主题文章: