The first one is "done"! "Sounds of nature" battle Yang Kun lost to Yang Kun Shiding disciple Su Su Shiding submitted golden microphone on Sunday evening, the Oriental TV show large original music challenge Haitian sauce "sounds of nature" battle second started on schedule. Four "angels sing" face four new rivals out of their respective exhaust all the skills. But in the end, Yang Kun unfortunately lost to the amateur challenger Su Shiding. In the face of such a result, Yang Kun joked that they can be written into the history of the domestic scene: "I was first to be" off "." At the same time, he very much recognized the strength of the Soviet Union: "you win a great. Your songs are very good, and the performance and emotions are one." Then, he will honor his golden microphone to sue Shiding hands. And to my surprise victory, Su Shiding in excitement, expressed sincere gratitude to his former mentor Yang Kun: "thank you, so I can challenge you". Seen in this exciting competition, the presence of the other three star singers are also given a high evaluation of the Su Shiding. At the same time, they also produced a lot of pressure, Karen Mok, after a series of the stage, singing, they go all out, and won the favor of the audience on the spot, are reported to win in the world, and they are not the only one who has won the favor of the people of the world. In the meantime, the Chinese people are more and more popular in the world. In the process of singing, they are more than. "Sounds of nature" battle of the second, "Teana sing" with the score 3:1 victory, amateur challenger. Su Shiding successfully challenge Yang Kun Yang Kun lost Shiding being the "green" disciple Su regrets "second program" battle of human nature is still one of the most powerful Challenger strength, let the audience boiling is Yang Kun and Sue Shiding showdown. After Yang Kun knew that it is a "tough". On the one hand, he chose to sue Shiding as a rival, is because the value of each other’s strength. But this time he was able to get into the adaptation tracks of "sweet", with his usual road there is a large gap. In order to subvert the entire version of Mavis Fan’s concert, Yang Kun decided to interpret the song’s cool power, but also a breakthrough show dance. Praised by netizens: "Kun sweet, touched my heart!" Relatively speaking, Su Shiding’s song "Challenger happy sad" is more to show her true me. As a result, she can more violent themselves into songs. I saw her on the stage, rotation, jump, and eventually fell on her favorite music. She followed every movement of each note, can let the viewer’s heart and dance. Finally, her crazy wanton stage appeal, get more viewers, with 317 votes to beat Yang Kun by 280 votes. After the game, Yang Kun admitted to participate in the program makes a lot of pressure is very enjoyable: I want to take good songs into my character, perfect presentation, it is very difficult, but at least I did break." In fact, in the "battle" sounds before Yang Kun also had tangled, if lost how to do? But eventually he determined to come to fight the reason is "breakthrough" two words, "I think I can have a function, is through the" battle "sounds more elements of music to bring you. Let us know that music has a variety of possibilities. As for the couple, they need a chance, if I can help one, I will be very happy." Yang Kun said to this. Say!相关的主题文章: