The driver addicted to online games boss car watches fraudulent mortgage money cheat (Figure) – Beijing – suspect mortgaged benz. The figure / reporter Dong Shijie Sun Weijie correspondent for "trust", a company boss Mr. Chen’s Mercedes, Vacheron Constantin watches, men were often a driver to less than 1/3 of the original price to the mortgaged. The driver often because of a fascination with online games, crazy to buy equipment, pit boss at the same time he also entered the wall. The day before, received 6 hours after the alarm, Yuhua Public Security Bureau Yuhua Road police squadron will often from Shijiazhuang Qiaoxi District a district arrested. The driver drove the car owner missing 2016 March, a Shijiazhuang man often recruited to a company as the company’s boss, Mr. Chen’s driver, often a glib, soon to obtain the trust of the boss. 2016, April, Mr. Chen is ready to buy a Mercedes Benz car, with a good contact with the 4S shop before buying a car, they will be assigned to the driver often go to the 4S shop for the relevant procedures and mention the car, car purchase more than 230 yuan. In August 25th, a car often need to do maintenance on the car, but did not expect to return, only to find the boss Chen for the car, the car not only did not open back, even some drivers often no trace. Some feel TA Chen often asked him to immediately contact, quickly drove back to the company, but often a variety of excuses has not dragged, and begged not to alarm the boss. In this way, more than half a month’s time, has always claimed that there was a car but did not see the actual action, until September 10th the phone can not get through, WeChat did not respond, completely lost contact. Helpless, Mr. Chen in the afternoon of September 12th to Yuhua Public Security Bureau Yuhua Road police squadron alarm for help. After 6 hours in the neighborhood and arrested the suspect police received a report, the license plate in accordance with Mr. Chen’s inquiry found that the grade corresponding to the registered vehicle is a Volkswagen Golf, any information query is not simply to buy Mr. Chen benz. And Mr. Chen clearly remember, mentioning the car soon, he will be two times to the bank account of a constant were remitted to more than 180 thousand yuan and more than 50 thousand yuan, to pay the vehicle purchase tax and insurance premiums. As we all know, only pay the purchase tax to apply for a license. The vehicle suspension is a fake license, originally used to buy insurance to pay taxes and money is often a "interception" nine out of ten. Mr. Chen told the police, to a constant abnormal behavior in consciousness, he immediately checked the financial status of the company, found that the company used a credit card is often a daily expenditure on business grounds after removal of private credit card spending 19 pen, a total of more than 156 thousand yuan. In addition, Mr. Chen I also has a value of more than 100 Vacheron Constantin watches, in June this year by the others accidentally broken. Often take a table and the other side of the compensation of 100 thousand yuan to Beijing for maintenance, until the report did not return the table. Involved in a huge value, investigators immediately launched investigation. Through the analysis, the police have been hiding in a certain area of the west side of the bridge clues, the day 19 am, police investigators quickly attack, will often arrested. At this time, from the subject相关的主题文章: