The real secret forensic working state: septic tank to find evidence to keep the bodies. – Beijing into the sewers for forensic evidence. The police for small heart was cut into 4 mm thick sheet loading. Newspaper reporter Ping Qian Qian Wang Hao photographed under a microscope, the diagnosis of organ damage and lesions. This reporter Ping Qian cable photo in Tsai is located in Beibei District Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps detachment criminal forensic Inspection Brigade, forensic scientists talked about this drama, said the "Daily" forensic art processing, but the handling of the hardships, is true. In Western dress and leather shoes? Do not wear a lot of people think that the medical examiner is mysterious, they always appear in the scene for the first time, so that the body speak for the police to provide the direction and important evidence. In 21 forensic forensic Inspection Brigade, only a woman is a little green leaves red. Daily work intensity, occasionally very heavy taste". Chongqing morning news reporter saw the forensic, they are not the same as some of the imagination. Thought it was wearing protective clothing armed body, but they are dressed in police uniforms, and general police did not much difference. The drama, when the murder occurred, "Qin Ming" and peer partner Bao Lord rushed to the scene the first time. Men always dressed in a suit, even in the next ganshuitong evidence, still maintained their clothes straight. Speaking of this detail, the presence of the forensic smiled and said: in addition to the wedding day, I was not a long time through the suit!" Forensic anthropology Li Ming is mainly responsible for facial reconstruction and craniofacial coincidence, he said that when the murder occurred, forensic scene investigation on behalf of police law enforcement, dress requirements specification, must wear uniforms. Occasionally there are special circumstances need to wear clothes, it is convenient to wear the clothes, sportswear, casual clothes, like. Yan Wei is responsible for on-site investigation, a forensic autopsy, he deeply understands, when out of the scene, especially after the end of anatomical highly corrupt bodies, no matter outside the set of layers of protective clothing, clothing will be more or less with the stench of death. If the smell is particularly strong, the clothes have to be thrown away. "If I wear it too well, I feel bad about myself." In order not to affect the family, a lot of forensic after the scene, always changed clothes and then go home. No occupational disease, life is a normal person in the pathology laboratory, forensic Yang Li is a pathological heart anatomy. His uniform jacket with protective clothing, wearing rubber gloves, with a surgical knife, carefully cut in the heart. Zhao Zhenbin took over the heart of the small pieces, after special treatment, with a professional tool to cut into 4 microns thick sheet. After loading, Wang Hao under the microscope slides, the diagnosis of organ injury and disease…… This is the most common scene in their daily work. Pathology laboratory has 5 forensic, but their work is not easy. Each year to receive more than and 200 cases, in the country, the amount of this case is also ranked in the forefront. "Forensic Qin Ming", "Qin Ming and colleagues and friends get together for dinner, especially rubber gloves, dissection of the surgical knife for disinfection, and then peeling knife crayfish, also相关的主题文章: