The -20 and FC-31 who is more suitable? China’s future carrier based aircraft with the election of the new aircraft carrier with the completion of the construction of the ship, the next generation of carrier based aircraft is also known as the focus of attention. How to choose carrier based aircraft, or what kind of carrier aircraft we need, this is not a simple choice and adaptation of existing models. As an important core carrier formation combat system, selection and development of aircraft must be cautious. As the first generation of aircraft, fighters -15 will use Chinese navy to produce a far-reaching impact we must first consider the experience and habits. China’s aircraft carrier aircraft and other major powers, there will be some inheritance, the experience of the previous generation of equipment is bound to have an impact on the choice of the next generation. Now Chinese aircraft carrier combat force failed, the experience of using aircraft is very immature. At present the main tasks is to explore how to use the -15 fighter aircraft, including aircraft on the aircraft carrier deck, scheduling of maintenance, the efficiency of gas hanging bomb, how to maximize the protection of aircraft attendance frequency. In the air is how to use the limited number of fighter missions, complete the monitoring on the sea target tracking and recognition, communication, command, attack, defense, with friendly and a series of operational tasks. Every detail needs a lot of imagination, practice and summary to complete the cycle of scientific experience accumulation. The -15 as a large aircraft, the characteristics of large load range can guarantee the quantity can be less to maintain long time patrol route in the far distance. The flexibility of the active attack and the depth of defense can be guaranteed, while the number of less pressure to reduce the pressure of communication. With the accumulation of experience and habits can be quickly converted to the next generation carrier. In this regard, China’s future choice of heavy carrier aircraft can quickly form combat effectiveness. But if you choose the medium, there is also a need to explore the use of the law, to postpone the time to form a fighting force. China future aircraft carrier will increase the tonnage and equipped with catapults, map design and map users to consider future aircraft carrier combat platform. The Liaoning and the new carrier is being built, all belong to large and medium-sized aircraft ski jump, the main equipment f -15. The next generation of aircraft is likely to be across the Liaoning class and the future of large and medium sized aircraft carrier two platforms, and even explore the use of the catapult super carrier. As everyone knows, in order to adapt to the requirements of the aircraft carrier, must pay more in order to adapt to the structural weight of ski jump catapult and arresting landing bring huge impact, but also a long-term corrosion effect of extra protection in response to high salt and high humidity at sea. And as far as possible to improve the quality of flight at low speed to ensure the safety of take-off and landing performance. In the same technical conditions must be higher than the same period the performance of land-based aircraft to some of the poor, to some. This modification for the larger volume of stretched medium pressure, and for the large body of heavy machine better. With Su -33 "Kuznetsov" aircraft fire down behind the curtain "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier hangar can only accommodate 16 aircraft in addition to ship modification, there is a problem to be considered is equipped with a number of. We usually struggle to in the limited hangar.相关的主题文章:

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