Football Terry said Chelsea left behind. Terry began at Real Madrid after the disturbance, the Stamford Bridge fans began to worry about the fate of Terry questions are now Terry said, he not only will not leave, we hope they die Blue Bridge. 30-year-old Terry and Chelsea three Football Shirt years left on his contract, but the defender has already begun to consider a career after 2014. Terry announced the stay, because Jose Mourinho’s recent poaching operations. April at the end, "Daily Mail" gives the message that Real Madrid wanted to Terry, and Mourinho believes that his ability to lure Terry left Stamford Bridge, the madman who worked with Terry in the Chelsea for more than three seasons, in during which they won two Premiership titles, won all the tournaments in England. However, the importance of John Terry for Chelsea’s Ricardo Carvalho could be not .parable, Terry to leave Chelsea Premier League Shirts does not seem to be interested in, since his debut in 1998, after .pletion of Chelsea, Chelsea John Terry has been an indispensable player, he is now do not want to leave the Blue Bridge. Terry said: "I hope at least 1-2 to extend my contract last season. I tried to stay as long as possible. I love this club, never wanted to leave. I love the fans here, they treated me like family whenever we lose, or the fans closest to me. I am very fortunate to serve in such an outstanding club captain. " Terry December this Chelsea Football Shirt year to at least 31 years old, from the state this season, look, Terry can keep at least two years of top level. Introduction of the new David – Lewis is a block of diamonds in the rough, but because of the long-term injury-plagued Alex, if Abu to touch the Champions League as soon as possible, is bound to leave a captain. Terry was born in East London, playing a kid Sen Labu, this detachment was the English Premier League produced a lot of players, in addition to Terry, there Sol – Sol Campbell, Jermain Defoe, Ledley – gold, Zamora. 14 years old, Terry joined Chelsea’s youth academy, in the blue of the youth team and reserve team TERRY shirt has been playing midfield, and later as defender shortage, he was moved to the defender’s position, and the effect wonders, so Terry changed playing halfback until now. Including youth team career, Terry has spent 16 years Chelsea, as long as he still loves Chelsea, staying is the best choice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: