Teeth and cancer has possession of such "Maoni" — people.com.cn Hainan channel — people.com.cn cancer and teeth "Maoni" actually in possession of such food, chewing teeth can not only help the pronunciation, and has a great influence on the face of the United states. But do you know the relationship between teeth and cancer? Gums, teeth and tongue can reflect the earliest symptoms of some diseases. Dental and cancer studies have shown that dentists can play a warning role. Chinese medicine pointed out that if the gum wound for one or two weeks can not heal, or an area of a long time mucosal white or red, rather than the normal pink when the need for medical treatment to eliminate oral cancer risk. Snaggletoothed easily induced tongue cancer occurred in the border of tongue squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue, followed by the tip of the tongue, tongue and tongue etc., often ulcerated or infiltrative. Generally, the degree of malignancy is high, the growth is rapid, the invasion is strong, Chang Bo and tongue muscle, resulting in tongue movement limitation, making speech, eating and swallowing difficulties. Tongue cancer can invade the lingual arch and tonsil, and the tongue cancer can spread to the floor of mouth and jaw, so that the whole tongue can be fixed. (Jiang Chengliu, commissioning editor: Chen Haiyan) periodontal disease is the "invisible killer" experts pointed out that smoking, alcohol abuse, mental stress, irregular work and rest, and improper oral care habits are likely to provoke "disease" in the upper part of the body. But many people do not mean it until the lesions invade the periodontal fiber, leading to inflammation, purulent, loose teeth or even fall off, only pay attention to. To this end, experts warned that the harm of periodontal disease should be paid enough attention to. Yellow teeth is the most health experts suggest that in addition to good habits and routine oral examination, oral care and daily care is more important, is the most effective way to prevent. There are many ads on the market, the main whitening effect, also against allergies and clearing away heat and other effects, the survey shows that 90% of the people are mainly based on the selection of toothpaste ads. Experts believe that this is a serious misunderstanding. In medicine, light yellow teeth are healthy, excessive pursuit of whitening is a psychological role, but will sacrifice the health of teeth. (commissioning editor Chen Haiyan and Jiang Chengliu)

牙齿和癌症竟然藏有如此“猫腻”–人民网海南频道–人民网   癌症和牙齿竟藏有如此“猫腻”   牙齿不仅能咀嚼食物、帮助发音,而且对面容的美有很大影响。但是你知道牙齿和癌症的关系吗?牙龈、牙齿和舌头能够反映某些疾病最早期症状,下面一起来看看。牙齿与癌症 多项研究表明,牙医可起到预警作用。中医指出,如果牙龈创口一两个星期都不能愈合,或者某一区域的黏膜长时间呈白色或者红色,而不是正常的粉红色的时候,需要就医以排除口腔癌的可能。   牙齿不齐易诱发舌癌   舌癌多发生于舌缘,其次为舌尖、舌背及舌根等处,常为溃疡型或浸润型。一般恶性程度较高,生长快,浸润性较强,常波及舌肌,致使舌运动受限,使说话、进食及吞咽均发生困难。舌癌向后可以侵犯舌腭弓及扁桃体,晚期舌癌可蔓延至口底及颌骨,使全舌固定。 (责编:陈海燕、蒋成柳)   牙周病是“隐形杀手”   专家指出,吸烟、酗酒、精神紧张、无规律作息、以及不正确的口腔护理习惯都可能惹“病”上身。但很多人对此不为意,直到病变侵入牙周纤维,导致发炎、化脓,牙齿松动甚至脱落时才重视。为此,专家提醒必须对牙周病的危害足够的重视。   淡黄色牙齿才最健康   专家建议,除了养成良好的生活习惯和定期到医院进行口腔检查之外,日常的口腔护理和保健更为重要,也是最有效的预防方式。市场上有很多的牙膏广告,有主打美白效果的,也有针对抗过敏和清热去火等功效的,有调查显示90%的人主要是根据广告选牙膏。专家认为,这是一个严重的误区。医学上认为淡黄色的牙齿才是健康的,过分追求美白是心理作用,反而会牺牲牙齿健康。 (责编:陈海燕、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: