Students can help users "Qugui cheated 400 thousand yuan of its original title: looking for friends to help WeChat" Qugui "Chengdu students cheated 400 thousand yuan Huaxi Dushi Bao (client reporter Yang Li) even the day, a more than and 20 year old female students are quiet in the middle of the night was awakened by a nightmare, a WeChat friend told her several times." it was ghost ridden, to find a master of disaster". So quiet, has 4 times to the friends turn to the disaster fee up to more than 40 yuan…… In August 24th, WCC reporter from Chongzhou city of Sichuan Province Public Security Bureau learned that, at present this "ghost master" has been arrested by the police, and the disaster fee has been on vacation and she used to buy luxury goods. Currently, the case is under further investigation. "I’ve known you for almost a year." Speaking of the "ghost master Ma Xin, who lives in Chongzhou quiet sighed deeply. In October last year, two people met in a WeChat group, but also with each other after the WeChat, talked for some time, still talk to." However, in May this year, said recently that the body uncomfortable quiet. Soon, Ma Xin sent WeChat cares for her, asking whether the feeling of nausea, and told her she was tied to the "little devil". At first, quiet thought the other was joking, he also did not mind. But after the chat, Ma Xin has been filed in the quiet, not letter from the beginning, become a little uncomfortable. In order to plan a peace of mind, in June when returning to her quiet, collected 90 thousand yuan, let Ma Xin help ghost". You can not over two days, quiet times in the middle of the night to wake up from a nightmare, then she asked how to do the "ghost". Ma Xin said that situation, opportunity cost is not enough, so quiet and 3 times to send money, after a total of more than 40 yuan to defraud. Flash is at the end of 7, the end of a quiet holiday. When her parents to study for a visa, found on his account, in the short term has more than 40 yuan outflow. Aware of the wrong, the family immediately took her to the local police station alarm. Subsequently, the Chongzhou police quickly launched the investigation work, has been to Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places visited and quickly locked the suspect, will eventually Shanghai Ma Xin captured. At this point, she has cheated 400 thousand yuan, spent on tourism, luxury goods, luxury hotel…… When the police interrogation, she said: "I mean huaqianxiaozai is to spend her money". At present, the case is under further investigation. Police remind, suspect the use of superstition and other means, in reality, the network with disasters, such as medical treatment on the grounds, step by step to set the trap to lure the masses deceived. The public must believe in science, not to be confused, careful care of your belongings. (the character is a pseudonym) editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: