The state-owned film company listed   from restructuring; " how to beat the turtle " " rabbit " – the media – original title: state-owned film companies listed: how the tortoise beat the hare (deep focus) after August 9th, China film company listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, becoming the first state-owned film shares. After August 17th, the Shanghai film Limited by Share Ltd also Gong in Shanghai, the state-owned film enterprises and capital market further. Within 10 days of the two China Gong is a big event in the film industry, is the restructuring of the state-owned enterprise culture milepost. The first time this reporter interviewed the chairman of the two companies, exclusive disclosure, listed on the film from the film to the glory and the hardships behind the restructuring. Listed, the market competitiveness is the only way which must be passed back in August 9th, the Shanghai stock exchange, a golden wheat surging here. This is the release of the film industry of traditional Chinese — every movie premiere without meaning "sell" barley. But this time, not a new film, but the Chinese film company officially listed. A few days later in August 17th, but also in the same place, Shanghai film Limited by Share Ltd listing. Gong, the film shares chairman Ren Zhonglun still excited Nanyi, he recalled in December 30, 2015, has just received the National Securities Regulatory Commission approval notice that night, thousands of emotion he had yanmianerqi. Why do you want to go public? This is from the beginning of the 2003 Chinese film industry reform started. Industrial reform, which means that regardless of the state owned cultural institutions of the state owned film companies, or born on the barbaric growth of private enterprises, must be regardless of origin, in an equal market environment. In the past, the production of the film is the country, the license is the state, private capital, social capital is not involved. After the reform of the industry, the state-owned enterprises have lost the exclusive right to the resources, if not in accordance with the market mechanism to operate, the loss of a large number of talent is inevitable. It is also in this period, many once famous state-owned film studios unable to adapt to the open and competitive market environment, fade out of sight, even lost the project development and production capacity. Instead, the rapid rise of a large number of private film companies. To survive in the market competition, it is necessary to abandon the institutions of the gene, the establishment of a modern enterprise system, the realization of the mechanism of their own effective constraints, so the listing has become the only way. Listing means that enterprises should not only for themselves, but also to the public. All financial enterprises are transparent to the public, all decisions in the eyes of the public, the profitability of enterprises also have strict appraisal standards, this is a major test of large state-owned enterprises need for mechanism reform and carrying heavy historical burden, but also forced you will reform in the end of the power. What’s more, the state-owned film companies are not only competitors in the domestic enterprises, as the national team of the film industry, we are also responsible for leading the Chinese film industry to participate in international competition in the cultural mission." Chairman of the shares film La Pui said)相关的主题文章: