Inter.-Marketing Usually if you are not getting the speed of results you’d like in your opt in marketing efforts, there are usually a few bottlenecks you can fix. Once you rid you business of these bottlenecks, you can quickly move to a place where you are getting many more opt ins per day. Here’s the top 7 ways to speed things up: 1) You need fresh daily content to fuel the strategies that bring you large number of visitors to your opt-in sites. You need about 2-3 articles per day to be written or for you to write yourself. This was one of my number one bottlenecks, but if you can find a quality writer, then you will review all in the end. 2) You place your content in article directories, PR directories, video sites, and other online places where you can get backlinks. Backlinks simply mean that you post your article or modified article content, depending on the site, and post your link (to your opt-in page) at the end of it. The more backlinks you have, the higher up in Google that your opt-in page will go and the more free traffic you’ll get to that page. The more traffic you get to that page, the larger you will build your list. 3) Outsource where possible. All of Step 2 can be outsourced for as little as $400-$500, and means that you’ll be able to focus on the real value to customers of your business. 4) Once you have a steady traffic flow to your opt in page (Over 200 per day) start to test versions of your opt-in page against each other, to see which ones convert highest. Two tools that can do this for you automatically include Google Website Optimizer and Hypertracker. Either of these will rotate the URLs automatically, will let you know the winner out of the two. You can even set these tools to automatically display the page that converts the best. You should always aim for more than 50% signups to your list for an opt-in page, and always continue to improve. 5) If something is slowing you down, consider outsourcing it. Remember, don’t be the bottleneck that brings down your business. 6) Don’t to care for your customers as your base grows, remember its very much easier to care for and win loyalty with an existing customer than to form a totally new trusting relationship. 7) Focus on highly leveraged uses of your time, like JV partnerships where traffic can be quickly and effectively exchanged. If you implement these 7 things and remember to focus on the most leveraged activities toward a specific daily numeric goal, you’ll soon have a huge list and a very solid customer base! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: