Automobiles A skid steer cab enclosure can keep skid steer operators warm in the winter, dry in the spring, and even help them stay cool in the summer. Even though the skid steer loader is an amazing machine, it is not always the most comfortable if the operator just has the heavy-duty steel cage. The rain gets in, the wind blows around, and what seems like a cool day when an operator is moving around can turn into a cold day when he is driving around in the shade. With all of the heavy lifting and other hazardous jobs the skid steer loader has to do, it is no surprise that it comes equipped with a heavy-duty steel cage that completely surrounds the operator. That hearty "control booth" has no doubt saved some lives over the years because of rollovers and spillage. But the skid steer loader’s cage is just that: a protective cage that keeps out large objects and keeps the driver safe if the thing ever tipped. It is also wide open to let air flow freely through, which means everything else flows freely through too: rain, snow, sleet. Yuck. Skid steer loader owners have always been innovators, and thankfully someone invented the skid steer cab enclosure to make the machine usable in all 12 months of the year. A soft-sided nylon all-weather cap, the skid steer cab enclosure fits right over the existing cab and, in the ugliest conditions, keeps its driver dry and warm long after everyone else has called it a day. The skid steer cab enclosure is a work of genius. This nylon enclosure has soft sides, a hard front hatch, a foot flap, and large windows all the way around, the skid steer cab enclosure is a truly affordable solution to lost work days. No more walking out to the skid loader and finding a cold puddle on the seat or worse, frozen controls and ice on the seat. The skid steer cab enclosure is made of 40-mil clear vinyl, so it gives the operator windows on all four sides, as well as a top view window that lets the operator see above the loader. And hook-and-loop fasteners on each side allow the windows to be pushed and held open. But rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, there is a skid steer cab enclosure for every major make and model of skid loader. So it is important to choose the skid steer cab enclosure based on the type of skid steer loader currently being used. The front door of the skid steer cab enclosure slips on and off in just a few seconds, making it a snap to install the entire cover. The weather is sealed out so thoroughly that the manufacturer recommends using a cab enclosure heater, to help keep condensation from building up inside the skid steer cab enclosure. Then, in the summer, just remove the cab enclosure and let the breeze flow through. And because it’s made up of soft nylon, rather than hard acrylic, the nylon skid steer cab enclosure can be folded up and stored away in the warm weather months, rather than taking up a lot of space on the shop floor. Rather than giving up on perfectly good jobs because foul weather is keeping everyone else out of the driver’s seat, it might just be time to consider a skid steer cab enclosure. Even on the worst days, the prepared skid steer loader operator can climb inside the cab, fire up the skid steer cab heater, stay warm, dry and out of the wind, and still make money, while everyone else is sitting at home, waiting for brighter and warmer days. About the Author: , skid steer loaders and attachments for use in construction, farming, and landscaping, can be found at Skid Steer Solutions. Winter attachments are stocked for immediate shipping. Skid Steer Solutions specializes in building custom products based on customers needs and provides honest personalized service before, during and after the sale. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: