Sichuan police cracked "before heavy silver" series of cases to recover a large number of precious cultural relics – Beijing Beijing in October 14 Pengshan Xinhua (reporter Liu Zhongjun) Sichuan Meishan police briefing on the 14, after Sichuan Province, Meishan City, Pengshan District three police for more than 2 years of careful investigation, successfully destroyed by the supervision of the Ministry of public security "2014.5.1 large excavation of cultural relics, the excavation of cultural relics destroyed 10 gangs, destroyed 9 cultural relics in the network, prosecuted 70 suspects, recovered 8 national heritage, two relics 38, three grade 54 pieces of cultural relics, cultural relics and the transaction amount up to 3 million yuan. It is understood that in 2014 the Pengshan police get a message, some villagers near the Minjiang River estuary town, using professional equipment "night to sneak into the Jiangkou Shen Yin Ruins river area, daowa relics sold antiquities dealers, high resale profits to the field. The police recover the "Golden Book" (part). Photo by Liu Zhongjun after the investigation, the public security and control departments of the joint inspection unit, and the establishment of the "5.1" heavy excavation of cultural relics case task force. After a year of secret investigation, to tease out the 6 excavation, 3 Gang Gang to reselling silver precipitation sites of cultural relics as the goal, more than 40 suspects, involving more than and 10 provinces and cities nationwide. 212 police were divided into 8 groups, has rushed to Yunnan, Sichuan and other places of the 6 excavation Gang launched simultaneously arrest. To 31 of the action within 12 hours of detention "Xiwang rewards" coins 27, 39 silver coins, gold, gold and silver more than 1000 other miscellaneous pieces of more than 100, also seized a large number of cars, the diving suit, oxygen bottles, metal detector. At the beginning of August 2015, the panel found that the cultural relics of Beijing businessman Lee suspected of a large number of transactions within the estuary Shen Yin Ruins has stolen cultural relics, because of the Li and run, the ad hoc police rushed to Beijing, Heilongjiang, Tibet and other places, finally arrested Lee and escorted back to Sichuan, recover the 22 pieces of cultural relics, of which 3 pieces of precious cultural relics including, "Changsha palace revealed the first year fifty-two gold bullion 1" (a cultural relics), flowers and birds, Golden Dragon Yaopai 2 (two relics). Police investigators are viewing artifacts. Photo by Liu Zhongjun Zheng Hongfeng in 2013 to master the gang before and after Tomb-sweeping Day had daowa to 1 "golden tiger" India, this "golden tiger" printed on the price of nearly 8 million yuan sold to others. Holders of pressure to turn over the cultural relics to the public security organs. Ultimately, the task force successfully seized 102 pieces of artifacts from their hands. After identification, there are 4 levels of cultural relics (including tiger button Yongchang Grand Marshal gold seal) as a national treasure, the level of cultural relics of the 15, the level of cultural relics of the 30, the general heritage of 53 pieces of three. It is understood that in the recovery of cultural relics, the most precious "tiger button Yongchang Marshal gold seal" and "Changsha Fu Wu Shi revealed the first year two gold", the two pieces of cultural relics are the national treasure level cultural relics. "Tiger button Yongchang Grand Marshal gold seal" cast in 1643 lunar new year in November, is the core of the cultural relics of the sunken ship of Zhang Xianzhong, the nature of the wreck of the research is extremely critical. "Changsha Fu Wu Shi revealed the first year two gold" is the 1621 Changsha palace for King ‘)相关的主题文章: