Shaoguan: Men’s piss off the bridge from the North Highway River killed the scene Nanfang Daily News (reporter Bi Shiming correspondent Huang Kaihui Liu Jianwen) recently, Shaoguan city Qujiang District clay Guangle Expressway Viaduct zhuihe accident occurred, a foreign driver drove by Guangle speed, during secretly piss off accidentally from the deck to fall into the North river the victims. On the evening of October 1st, 19 o’clock, the police station of Qujiang Public Security Bureau clay police station received 110 instructions, said: "Bai Le Yue viaduct, a man fell into the river, unknown life and death.". After receiving the alarm, the head of the duty office immediately reported to the bureau head of the Bureau and the leaders of the town government. Subsequently, the police station was clay, except a few staff drowning families Xiequan, reception, appease, other joint Police Bureau Special (Patrol) dozens of police, police, fire officers and soldiers of the city district, the town government cadres and workers clay rushed to the scene to carry out investigation, investigation and steps the search and rescue work. During the Qujiang police special (Patrol) Police Brigade, district fire brigade dispatched boats in the water fell into place North River waters and Baisha River search, police also use clay familiar with the local environment, and actively mobilize the nearby fishermen driving small boats and rafts with the police and rescue work. In public security, fire protection, the town government and civil rescue team together and unremitting efforts, after nearly 40 hours of rescue and salvage, October 3rd at 9:50 in the morning, rescuers found the Baisha River in Beijiang River drowning man remains, and promptly be salvaged. At present, the relevant departments are doing their best to do the aftermath, the cause of the accident is under further investigation.

韶关:男子高速公路下车小便坠桥掉下北江河遇难 事发现场   南方日报讯(记者 毕式明 通讯员 黄凯辉 刘建文)日前,韶关市曲江区白土广乐高速公路高架桥发生一起坠河事故,一外地司机驾车路过广乐高速,期间私自下车小便不慎从桥面坠落掉入北江河遇难。   10月1日晚19时许,曲江公安分局白土派出所值班民警接到110指令称:白土广乐高架桥有一男子掉下河里,生死不明。接到报警后,值班所领导立即向分局主管局领导和白土镇政府主管领导作了汇报。   随后,白土派出所集结全所警力,除了留少数人员做好落水者家属接待、解劝、安抚工作外,其他警力联合分局特(巡)警大队、附城派出所、区消防官兵、白土镇政府干部、职工几十人连夜赶赴事发现场开展勘察、调查走访及有步骤的搜查救援工作。   期间,曲江公安特(巡)警大队、区消防大队出动冲锋舟在落水者落水地点北江河白沙河段一带水域来回搜索,白土派出所亦利用熟悉本地环境的优势,积极发动附近一带的渔民自驾小渔船、竹排配合民警的搜救工作。   在公安、消防、镇政府及民间救援队的齐心协力和不懈努力下,经过近40小时的救援打捞,10月3日上午9时50分,救援人员成功在北江白沙河段发现该落水男子遗体,并及时将其打捞上岸。   目前,相关部门正全力做好善后工作,事故的原因正在进一步调查中。相关的主题文章: