Shanghai Ivory: break between "endangered" and "intangible cultural heritage" – Culture – original title: Shanghai Ivory: break between "endangered" and "intangible cultural heritage" – Xue Weiping for the love of ivory art and takes it as the cause of life is the pursuit of Mr. Hu Changmin, 1989 is undoubtedly a major mark. This year, held in Lausanne Switzerland Seventh International endangered wildlife trade negotiation conference, to save the elephants, parties to the Convention by a joint agreement on the prohibition of ivory and ivory products in international trade circulation sales ", specifically since 1990, put an end to the international import and export of ivory raw materials. China is also one of the parties to the convention. This means, including Shanghai Ivory industry, those who need to use ivory Chinese all industries, will face "no rice drink, no production of raw materials, product sales are not, without relying on the industry, could collapse at any time. However, in 1984 five years ago, Shanghai ivory with its "fine Shaoxing work" in the national competitions in the ivory handicraft industry ranked first. In fact, after seven generations, Shanghai has formed a fine Ivory flowers, antique figures, three kinds of local specialty brands at home and abroad, carving art stage emerge, is recognized as the leading level in the domestic industry. The endangered elephant is a threat to the industry. For Hu Changmin, the same personal career is facing "endangered". This year, the British Columbia Canada University (UBC) accept him to come to school to learn western art for second years, he wanted to study abroad through the combination of traditional Chinese ivory carving art and western modern art sculpture on the occasion, I hear "bad news", feel the future of confusion. People get good luck. It is also due to the above circumstances, which caused Hu Changmin’s "personal breakthrough" and a series of ivory carving industry thinking, and wrote to protect the inheritance of this special skill of the "Shanghai ivory carving". National treasure cultural heritage carrier Chinese ivory carving history, dating back to seven thousand years ago in the Neolithic age. According to modern archaeology, Shandong, Hemudu Site, Liangzhu Culture Dawenkou sites unearthed ancient ivory. In Shanghai, the archaeological discovery of ivory. Qingpu County in the west of Guzhen, a heavy fuquanshan tomb site, found a remnant twenty-five point four cm long, with animal faces ivory carving, are now about five thousand and two hundred to four thousand and two hundred years of history of the Neolithic Liangzhu culture. In the surrounding ruins belong to the Liangzhu culture, also unearthed like plate, like wat ivory carvings etc.. However, as a kind of ornamental high-end handicrafts, ivory carving in Shanghai has a long history, but its localization development occurred only in the past two hundred years. Objectively speaking, the Shanghai local production is not the elephant, the original Ivory also lack talent, but in just two hundred years, the number of generations of artists to struggle, to end the ivory carving of such a special industry in the port, air plant slow development, professional talent, life and growth in nature from generation to generation, the size of the industry even become one of the important production base for ever the ivory. Hu Changmin said this analysis, a comprehensive overview of Shanghai teeth相关的主题文章: