Shaanxi many initiatives to promote business and other industries fusion of Xinhua news agency in Xi’an on February 28th (reporter Liu Tong) – reporter 28, learned from the Shaanxi Provincial People’s government, "Shaanxi Province on the development of electronic commerce to accelerate the cultivation of the implementation of the views of" new economic power has been officially promulgated, the relevant preferential policies have been launched to promote the integration of e-commerce and other the depth of the industry. "Shaanxi Province on the development of electronic commerce to accelerate the development of the implementation of the views of" new economic power requirements, lowering the threshold for access to electronic commerce in Shaanxi province wide, comprehensive clean regulate the existing pre-approval, no legal basis for the cancellation of all; for small and micro business enterprises identified as high-tech enterprises, according to the relevant policy to enjoy preferential tax, to meet the conditions of the cross-border e-commerce retail exports of value-added tax and consumption tax refund (Exemption) of tax policy, increase financial support, standardize the market competition behavior; improve the employment policy to support the field of electronic commerce, schools, enterprises and social organizations cooperation to build e-commerce platform for practice teaching, carry out network training and entrepreneurship practice, protection of labor rights and interests of employees in the electricity supplier, in accordance with the provisions of the employees into the social network Employees who will be insured and who are not registered with industry and Commerce shall be insured by flexible employment personnel. The people’s Government of Shaanxi Province, actively promote the development of e-commerce in rural areas, improve the agricultural product logistics distribution system, Pei Yunong product electronic commerce main body and high quality agricultural products brand, strengthen the quality standard system of agricultural products, animal and plant quarantine system, traceability system, quality assurance and safety supervision system construction, guide courier companies to establish integrated services platform for storage and distribution, distribution, transportation as a whole, the development of cold chain logistics of agricultural products, open up the rural logistics "countryside and cities" two-way fast channel, to provide support to the establishment of cooperative network of express enterprises in the form of service delivery. To develop cross-border e-commerce, to 2020, to build logistics, payment and authentication of the support system and efficient e-commerce service system, e-commerce credit environment integrity security, new power electronic commerce has become an important way to promote entrepreneurship, stable employment, improving people’s livelihood service and promote the healthy and rapid development of Shaanxi economy. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

陕西将多举措促进电商与其他产业融合   新华社西安2月28日专电(记者刘彤)记者28日从陕西省人民政府了解到,《陕西省关于大力发展电子商务加快培育经济新动力的实施意见》已正式出台,相关优惠政策已推出,以促进电子商务与其他产业深度融合。   《陕西省关于大力发展电子商务加快培育经济新动力的实施意见》要求,在陕西全省范围内降低电子商务准入门槛,全面清理规范现有前置审批事项,无法律法规依据的一律取消;对认定为高新技术企业、小微电子商务企业的,按相关政策享受税收优惠,对符合条件的跨境电子商务零售出口货物实行增值税和消费税退(免)税政策,加大金融支持力度,规范市场竞争行为;完善电子商务领域就业创业政策,支持学校、企业及社会组织合作搭建电子商务实践教学平台,开展网络创业培训和实践,保障电商从业人员劳动权益,按规定将网络从业人员纳入各项社会保险,未进行工商登记注册的从业人员按灵活就业人员参保。   陕西省人民政府要求,要积极发展农村电子商务,完善农产品物流配送体系,培育农产品电子商务主体和优质农产品品牌,加强优质农产品标准体系、动植物检疫体系、安全质量追溯体系、质量保障与安全监管体系建设,引导快递企业建立集仓储、分拨、配送、运输为一体的综合服务平台,发展农产品冷链物流,打通农村物流“下乡与进城”双向快捷通道,支持快递企业以建立合作网点的形式提供投递服务。大力发展跨境电子商务,到2020年,要建成完善的物流、支付和认证等支撑体系和高效的电子商务服务体系,形成诚信安全的电子商务信用环境,使电子商务成为促进创业、稳定就业、改善民生服务的重要途径和推动陕西经济健康快速发展的新动力。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: