Scold you because lose too ugly LPL again next to the Pan who back? "Sword" of the classic TV drama most people have seen, the protagonist Li Yunlong mentioned several times in the sword spirit: Ancient swordsman and the opponents are in xialuxiangfeng, no matter how strong opponents, even if the opponent is the best in all the land of the swordsman, knowing defeat also, flashed his sword. Even if the fall in the opponent’s sword, but also lost glory. LPL lack of sword spirit in LPL S’s performance year after year, up from the original Korean title to eight now. Every year is "come back next year", and then is constantly throwing pot. S4 have beef noodles, S5 have a communication problem, smiled and said is afraid I dare not open pan player group, S6 is out to be called not spray spray open group theory, take the pot off to the majority of fans game player. I just want to say, as a LOL game player, once as some domestic LPL player fans, I spray you not because you lost the game, but too lose too ugly slag. Not dare sword is hit the so-called higher expectations, throw away everything when fleeing, the bigger the disappointment. Every year before the game is the closest to the S championship. Results S3 was 3:0 rolling, the final played less than 90 minutes. Take out a 55 is the result of a unilateral swing, well-developed encounter wild area is robbing the Casa Ding called the world’s first single seckill, ADC play Wayne signs under the tower by EZ a Q. S5 LPL is one of the favourites to win. We recognize that Faker is strong, but also hope to have a LPL player can be the devil from the throne. When the Faker training more than 14 hours a day, carrying the players we want to live in the side of the knife while boasting his single kill. The results of a finals official ranked second of the world’s GodV was labeled as GoldV. The so-called S6 of the world’s first domestic expansion in the wild…… ROX we do not insist on the player’s victory, only hope that players can play LPL style. If not the enemy, at least by his sword, is glorious defeat. ROX SKT and you come to me to war five Bureau, one with a female gun restraint Jie pull ice archery, a disabled female gun away ice with color, has been hit fifth 20 minutes toss. SSG versus SKT knowing that everyone was predicting Nandi, rolling 3:0. Until the Third Bureau 30 minutes most people think S6 is going to end like this, but SSG just stubborn comeback SKT and even under the two councils. And we LPL the two big teams in the face of the LCK team time is what kind of? EDG won the third game is basically ROX in preparation for their champion skin and sent to the welfare bureau. The RNG is completely MSI reproduction of the SKT, and then start to win a game is not as a result of the final rolling. The loss of the game left to the so-called pan spray, is a big joke, not less than LPL LCK sprayer! Now wind.相关的主题文章: