Scholars: soaring prices of the rich get richer and the poor poorer young people unfairly [Abstract] China Administrative Reform Research Council Secretary General Wang Chuan said full, the rapid rise in prices for young people is not fair, skyrocketing housing prices make the rich richer and the poor poorer, and young people to buy more and more difficult. Recent rapid rise in prices of some large and medium cities become the focus of market attention. On September 26~27, held by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, new urbanization and city modernization governance international seminar, China Administrative Reform Research Council Secretary General Wang Manchuan to accept the first financial reporters after the meeting that the current rapid increase in prices of just entering the job market for young people is not fair, skyrocketing housing prices tend to form the Matthew effect, make the rich richer and the poor the poor and young people to buy more and more difficult. He believes that the current real estate tax should be introduced as soon as possible to regulate the real estate market. The Economic Department of the National School of Administration professor Feng Qiaobin at the seminar said that the local fiscal revenue in recent years is tight. Land leasing is the important source of the previous two years, land leasing revenue slowdown, but this year the land premium income growth, the media have observed that the local government to offset the fiscal gap by pushing up the price of housing prices, and then do some contribution, this is true, but not the price rise all of the causes. Feng Qiaobin told the first financial reporter, the core issue of the current price rise is the house has become an investment product, if prices fall, you need to let the house back to consumer goods. Housing prices is caused by many factors, but if the real estate tax levy, will let the property holder consider holding costs of real estate, real estate value-added taxes and more higher, in this case, to play the role of real cooling. But don’t expect the real estate tax to bear price control all the functions, after all, prices rise and the central bank printed tickets and the government in the control of land supply. For the first time in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee referred to "speed up the real estate tax legislation and timely reform, finance minister Lou Jiwei in 2014 in the" seeking truth "when the author also mentioned that the real estate tax idea. Lou Jiwei said, the general direction is the basis, basic living needs in security, tax and fees and other factors on the urban and rural individual housing and commercial real estate planning, construction, a reasonable set of transactions, the tax burden to maintain links, and promote the healthy development of the real estate market, the real estate tax has gradually become a steady income of local finance source. August 2015, the twelve National People’s Congress Standing Committee of the legislative plan, the real estate tax included in the plan. In addition, the real estate tax is also included in the National People’s Congress this year and last year’s legislative work plan, is a legislative preparatory project. This year’s "NPC and CPPCC", deputy director of the Liu Xiuwen Budget Committee of the NPC Standing Committee revealed that the real estate tax law by the budget committee and the Ministry of finance led research, the NPC Standing Committee legislative plan after the adjustment of the real estate tax has been included in the first category of legislative items. July 23rd G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting high level of Taxation seminar, finance minister Lou Jiwei said the real estate tax. Recently, Jia Kang of dean of Institute of Chinese new supply economics tells first finance and Economics相关的主题文章: