Russia is pushing for a new ceasefire agreement – International – Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and US Secretary of state Kerrey Syria in 10 in Switzerland, Geneva, Syria, the parties to the conflict the implementation of the new ceasefire agreement. The agreement, if successful, will take effect on 12. The Secretary General of the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Demis Tuula said that Russia and the United States agreed in Syria on terror, will create new opportunities for solving the problem of syria. As part of the sensitive issues involved, the agreement did not disclose the full text. There is news that Russia might persuade Syria army to observe the ceasefire a week to stop anti-government armed combat, and deregulation of the rebels occupied area in the siege of Aleppo, to allow humanitarian relief supplies into the besieged area. While the United States needs to determine what belong to anti-government armed extremist groups, the moderate opposition and Nusrat front boundaries etc.. The United States and Russia will set up this joint executive center. If the ceasefire a week can be realized, both sides will form a joint force air strikes against terrorist targets jointly identified. As of press time, the Syria government has yet to make a statement of the ceasefire agreement between Russia and the United states. Headquartered in Saudi Arabia Syria’s supreme negotiating committee supported a ceasefire, a spokesman for the organization had? Codd Mani said that the Syrian army should stop air strikes, show sincerity, it is possible to realize comprehensive ceasefire. "Syria free army" armed opposition to the government of Syria and Russia in the implementation of the ceasefire can really doubt; Nur Ding Jinji brigade spokesman Abdul? Salam believes that the ceasefire will bring respite for the Syria government in Aleppo, the battlefield will be more complex. The two countries reached a consensus by the international community welcome. German Foreign Minister Steinmeier urged the warring parties to abide by the ceasefire plan Syria emeida%; the EU high representative for foreign and security policy Mo Guerrini said that the ceasefire is the starting point for the resumption of peace talks; British Foreign Secretary Boris? Johnson called on both sides on the basis of promoting the solution of northern Syria Aleppo’s humanitarian crisis. Turkey’s foreign ministry also said that Turkey is preparing for the delivery of relief supplies from within the territory of Aleppo. Although Russia since the beginning of this year proposed coordinated military action, but the two sides have differences on the issue of Syria for a long time, this agreement is not the key to solve the problems of Syria’s president Bashar or so, the parties to the agreement are very cautious attitude. U.S. Department of defense 9, stressed that only when the Russian and Bashar regime fully fulfill the ceasefire commitment of 7 days, the two countries will launch a joint military action. Russia also said that Russia can not fully ensure that the parties concerned to comply with the ceasefire agreement. Lebanon "ambassadors news" published on the 10 article, compared with the previous ceasefire, interlocking emeida into a new round of cease-fire and subsequent anti-terrorism and peace talks, more forward-looking and progressive significance. However, the external forces will take the opportunity to strengthen the armed factions in the opposition Syria supplies, dragons and fishes jumbled together and the pressure, the United States can control, remains to be seen. (Moscow, Damascus, September 10);     "people"相关的主题文章: