My name is Toni. I took Spanish as my second language all through high school but it never clicked for me the way it seemed to for other students. I struggled with the simplest terms and barely passed. Within a year I had forgotten everything I had learned in those four years and it wasnt much in the first place! Then I got the call my .pany was transferring me to Miami, Florida in six months. In Miami, speaking Spanish is practically a necessity, since (according to the U.S. Census taken in 2000) 61.7 percent of Miami is Hispanic in originand that number has been continuing to grow every year. I knew I had to learn Spanish and learn it fast, if I was going to be successful. Traditional methods had failed me before, so it was time to try something new. While online, I found Rocket Spanish. Instead of learning words out of context and struggling to put them together, Rocket Spanish focused on a conversational approach which allowed me to see words in use instead of in an abstract sense. Since it works with realistic situations that you might actually encounter, the entire language is much easier to understand. Plus, all the lessons are explained in clear English with proper pronunciation being taught by a native Spanish-speaker, which is great for people that struggle like me! Along with the language, Rocket Spanish also helps you learn about the Spanish culture through their lessons. When you understand a culture better you can speak the language better it makes perfect sense! Their website also provides both language and culture quizzes so you can check your progress and make sure you are on the right track. Within six months, diligently following the course outline, I could speak Spanish a hundred times better than I ever could in four years of formal class training. I moved to Miami, started my job, and the Spanish course has been useful to me every day. Let me give you an example. I was in a sales meeting with two businesspeople and their boss. I was explaining the benefits of our software product and how it could benefit their .pany. At one point during the meeting one of the two people turned towards his boss and mentioned an issue they thought the product might have that would limit its effectiveness and they said it in Spanish. She [the boss] nodded, agreeing with him. I then proceeded, in Spanish, to assure them that the limitation had been erased in our latest line of this particular software and that it came with a one-year guarantee. They were shocked that I understood them, yet the boss was pleased with the information and the way I handled the situation. That day I made a big sale. Whether you are looking for an educational tool that really works, need to learn Spanish for a job, planning an change in location, or just want to improve yourself by expanding your horizons of learning a second language, Rocket Spanish is one of the best programs out there and costs a lot less than some .peting products that dont work nearly as well. About the Author: By: Sandy9 – Kids Cube Preschool Franchise Bangalore is imperative that sets up a stage for the mental development of babies. The as of late settled type of learning with fun guarante … By: Jenson Phillips – Getting him or her-boyfriend back can be a decision you’ll be able to reach after realizing his importance inside your life. It depends on who ended the bond for you to s … By: isaacsonseries – Among the criticism levied against modern education is the alarming decrease in historical literacy. The need to understand history demands us to recall George Santayana … By: isaacsonseries – The convenient method of distinguishing generations by a separation of 18 to 25 years, and attributing distinct characteristics to those generations, whether they are ter … By: JewelBracyDeMaio – Personal statement review solution By: JewelBracyDeMaio – Personal statement for college solutions By: isaacsonseries – In previous articles, we illustrated how the treasury of fine art can help counter the alarming decline of historical literacy. That blog employed J.M.W. Turners pain … By: Beatrice Henson – Anyone who has ever used the automated website translator function on Google or Bing knows that their usefulness is limited. They could help a reader gain a difficult or … By: isaacsonseries – Continuing the theme of applying strategic imagery to promote .munity activism, I recount my own experience conjuring a picture to concentrate focus on a deserving caus … By: Anto.ta Deuchar – I often advise my clients interested in joining a gym, to jot down a checklist generally based on three categories. Even for those who aren’t big on these scenes if they … 相关的主题文章: