The district submitted nearly two months of natural gas yet to pass or because they do not belong to the civilian residential newspaper news (reporter Liu Haifeng) Shoufang for nearly two months, Loudong has yet opened natural gas, which has made the installation fee owners are unhappy. Yesterday, the house owner Mr. Guo said when talking about the matter, has not yet received a reasonable explanation. At the end of last year, Mr. Guo to buy a set of large-sized apartment houses in Wuchang Yang Xu Park Road East Xinyuan Building No. 9, in September 15th this year Shoufang, he found the house without access to natural gas, after asking to know, the whole building did not pass. After a long time, we have prepared decoration, natural gas is not connected, the kitchen is empty, is very inconvenient. Mr Guo said at least 3 times to find the property owners and developers, but each argument are not the same. "For the first time said the first 1 to 8 floor finish to us, these buildings are installed after they said No. 9 building a apartment layout is not installed, want to change……" Yesterday morning, the Wuhan evening news reporter came to the District 9 building owners, Ms. Wang took the installation fee receipt said, she is the decoration got half, remind the workers discovered the matter. The original Shoufang pay 2300 yuan fee for natural gas, and expressly agreed in the contract, owners Shoufang electric water must be home. Ms. Wang to provide an agreement for the sale of housing for use, business services. The reporter then came to the residential property office, the staff said that the natural gas is declared, not the person in charge, they do not know the specific circumstances. Yesterday afternoon, reporters from Wuhan city gas company service hotline, according to the regulations, individual households can only install residential natural gas pipeline, for the purpose of business services, commercial residential gas installation, need to provide a business license and other information, the ordinary households apparently unable to provide. Therefore, in cases like this, households to install natural gas, it must first be changed to residential housing property.

小区交房近两月天然气仍未通 或因不属于民用住宅   本报讯(记者刘海锋)收房近两个月,所在楼栋迟迟没有开通天然气,这让已经交了初装费的业主们很是不满。昨天,该楼栋业主郭先生谈及此事时表示,目前尚未收到一个合理解释。   去年年底,郭先生在武昌杨园南路的徐东馨苑9号楼购买了一套小户型房屋,今年9月15日收房时,他发现房屋未接入天然气,后经打听才知,整栋楼都没有通。   过了一段时间后,大家陆续准备装修,天然气不接通的话,厨房就得空着,很是不便。郭先生说,业主们至少3次找到物业和开发商,但每次说法都不太一样。“第一次说先把1到8号楼装完就给我们装,这些楼栋都装完后,他们又说9号楼有个户型装不了,要改……”   昨天上午,武汉晚报记者来到该小区9号楼,业主王女士拿出初装费收据说,她是装修搞到一半,工人提醒才发现此事。当初收房时交了2300元天然气初装费,而且合同明确约定,业主收房时水电气必须全部入户。   王女士提供的买卖协议显示,房屋用途为商服。   记者随后来到小区物业办公室,工作人员说,天然气正在申报中,负责人不在,具体情况他们不清楚。   昨天下午,记者从武汉市天然气公司服务热线了解到,根据规定,个人住户只能报装民用住宅天然气管道,用途为商服、商业的住宅用气报装,须要提供营业执照等资料,普通住户显然无法提供。因此,像这种情况,住户要想报装天然气,就必须先将房屋属性改为民用住宅。相关的主题文章: