To alleviate bad breath can drink a water Henan Mr. Qin Consulting: I have bad breath problems have been for many years, there was a time when my son told me that I was too smelly mouth. Later, when I communicate with my friends and colleagues, I dare not be too close to them. What prescription can alleviate? Department of ENT, the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, chief physician Mei Xiangsheng comments: under normal circumstances, bad breath with the spleen and stomach damp heat. The Chinese say: "the main receiving the stomach, spleen transport; Qi Lord, make food and drink to the dregs down, temper to ascend, a diet of essence to nourish the body". If the spleen and stomach damp and hot, then it will be wet evil trapped spleen, Spleen Yang does not rise. In addition, the stomach did not fall, will lead to rising oil and gas". This "oil and gas rise" will follow up to the mouth and esophagus, similar to the taste of food is decomposed in the mouth, produce bad breath. Recommended for patients with bad breath prescription: lotus leaf tea. Every day with lotus 3~5 grams of water to drink, lotus leaf apart from dampness, spleen can also help Yang, so, with lotus leaf on behalf of the tea can eliminate dampness and heat.相关的主题文章: