Psychology of marriage: 8 love is hell as early as possible hand (Figure 8) love is all as early as possible hand love is a very good thing, good to let people often indulge them unable to extricate themselves. If you are really love each other, then the feelings of a long time is not difficult. But if you fall in love in the following words, suggest you always stop. Here we take a look at the inventory is not worth indulging in the eight emotions. 1, you care about each other more in the normal relationship, there may be alternative phenomenon, two people take turns to play to pursue and is the pursuit of the role, but if one party always plays to pursue, so it is not perfect, is not for a long time, one day you will feel unworthy pay for their own. 2, if you want to find you is a traumatized, fragile soul, dependence, wronged people help each other, you by her, then you may be grateful to you, but this feeling is not love. What you need is someone who can make you proud of him, not you as a savior to help him. 3, you love is the potential of the other party you love is the potential of the other party, you think he will someday become what you want to be, rather than the other party is now. This person is not your partner at all, but you are trying to change the object, if so, it is not love, but gambling. 4, you are just the other attractive appearance may be a cause of love, but if you love him only because of his appearance, not something inside, so it is impossible to be long. 5, the other side as the object of worship in love with the object of worship, this feeling is difficult to maintain. You are not a fan, he is not a star, both men and women must be treated equally, love can be happy for a long time. Will fall in love with the object of worship, usually low self-confidence. 6, in order to rebel and choose to be with him parents think you should find a rich man, you just want to be together with a pauper. From an early age on your parents strict discipline, but you are very casual girlfriend. If you choose only to rebel, you do not really love each other, then this relationship is doomed to no results. 7, the chances of you and the other short stay together morning and night often work overtime together, so you feel in love with each other. When you go on holiday, you know a person who is on vacation. This feeling is not obsessed with short stay together morning and night long, because you do not fully understand each other’s personality. 8, the other is not a free body this should not be elaborated, and not married or have the object of communication, no matter what the excuse, the results are the same, you are doomed to heartbreak. Don’t forget, you just accepted another person with the rest. Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章: