Philippine president said it would not participate in the South China Sea cruise on the media: Andouble was playing the Sohu Military Channel global network reported: Philippines’s president Duthel Te speech in September 13th, just before the Aquino administration in April reached an agreement with the United States said in the South China Sea cruise regular joint activities, do not plan to attend. Japan’s Kyodo news agency said in September 13th 12, Duthel Te had asked to be stationed in the country of Southern Mindanao military special forces to evacuate, anti American and increasing, the United States and Japan fears increase. Duthel Te stressed that the "joint cruise, I do not allow Philippines (similar to other countries) make hostile situation", said that the future will only at a distance of 12 nautical to "do not want to create problems on the grounds (about 22 kilometers) of waters patrol. Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo has just informed in this month 6 days of talks with Duthel Te, in order to enhance the ability of maritime guard in Philippines, will provide 2 large patrol the boat and TC-90 trainer lend jmsdf. Japan has begun to implement an agreement to provide a total of 10 small patrol boats. In the opinion of the Kyodo news agency, the China seek to contain maritime activities in Japan, seems to provide support after the ladder over the wall.相关的主题文章: