Peter washed denied domestic violence Julie still didn’t give up the sole custody of the Sohu entertainment Julie still didn’t give up the sole custody of the Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt) and Angelina Julie (Angelina Jolie) announced after the divorce, two people get custody of the child made before the raise a Babel of criticism of the court. It will be awarded to the woman, causing Peter presumably with cruelty to children, but the Losangeles children’s welfare unit proof, "no son of domestic violence, but the woman did not seem to give up custody, and he intends to continue to fight. There is no time limit to Brad Pitt and Julie agreement, until the two sides reached a new consensus agreement now is used to extend the deadline, the two sides will continue consultations during this time, the woman also expressed hope that one family can be reconciled, but he thinks the emotional management still has many problems, so he intends to to deal with their own problems, not willing to make concessions in custody, now officially confirmed he has no domestic violence, and was good for 6 days after the custody of the children, can even share custody.       "TMZ" according to the report, Brad Pitt for child welfare unit the end of an investigation into the child after he suspected of domestic violence, the negative image almost washed up previous violence, but Julie insisted to "family health" alone is not willing to give up custody of the child, so the future will continue to fight the judge made the trust, he has to prevent joint custody, speculation she may will be sent to other evidence, the 2 divorce may have to continue for a storm.相关的主题文章: