People’s Daily commentary: lifetime responsibility, establish enterprise decision hard constraints – View – establish lifelong responsibility system, is to let the state-owned investment management rules, not every investment can not lose, every decision has prophetic vision and responsibility to prevent disjointed decision, SOE reform is important a ring. In the past, a number of state-owned enterprises to invest huge losses, but often who do not have to be responsible, people feel bad. This situation is expected to be curbed. Recently, the general office of the State Council issued the "on the establishment of state-owned enterprises illegal business investment accountability system views", in the course of development of state-owned enterprises in the first proposed the implementation of major decisions of lifelong accountability system". Life two words, reflecting the determination of supervision, but also full of deterrent force. The introduction of lifelong accountability system, for the purpose of state-owned enterprises in terms of constraints on the loss of width. "Opinions" in the list of nine aspects of the 54 cases are in the past even more serious aspects of the past. For example, the Audit Commission released in 2014 11 central enterprises audit announcement shows that tens of billions of dollars in investment losses, many looks very headstrong, some enterprises of private loan 2 billion yuan to buy mine, the following year to spend 4 billion yuan price repurchase; in recent years, state-owned enterprises to accelerate the pace going, generous buy buy buy however, many projects have become a loss of the black hole, or even hundreds of billions of yuan of investment boondoggle; some state-owned enterprises responsible for people not only care about revenue term good-looking, unrealistic pursuit of scale, exacerbate overcapacity, the breeding of a number of zombie companies. The problem is that after a loss, many policymakers, as long as the change of enterprises, change jobs shirking, some even stay in the original post to issue orders left and right. To curb the illegal operation, blind investment, secret operations, transfer of assets and other ills, enhance the normative decision-making imperative. The "opinion" as to the business investment decision make a "negative list", means that the person in charge of state-owned enterprises decision-making responsibility must weigh the problem, regardless of whether or not to leave the enterprise, can not shirk responsibility, not the loss of the burden, thrown to the society. From another point of view, it also helps to solve the problem of short-term investment in state-owned enterprises. Lifelong responsibility for state-owned enterprise decision-makers is a reminder: the investment can not just look at the moment not to make money, where to go where the excitement, but also to focus on long-term sustainable development. Some people worry that the lifelong responsibility system may hold head decisions, but also can let a person dare not finalized, fuelling "Miss don’t make mistakes" idea, thus may bind enterprise hands. This is clearly a misunderstanding. First of all, the scope of responsibility is clear, the loss of recognition and processing rules, is relatively clear, bring "fire" on the implementation of existing prevention. Secondly, the main responsibility is to pursue violations. Specifically, it mainly refers to the situation that the managers have violated the laws and regulations of the state and the internal management regulations of the enterprise, and they have not fulfilled or not fulfilled their duties correctly. As long as the enterprise decision-making system is perfect, the decision from beginning to end in accordance with the procedures, the demonstration of the argument, the review of the review, the collective study of collective research, if there is a reason相关的主题文章: