Pan delta racing festival will play drift ending chariot Wang still suspense – Beijing, followed by the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, one of the most mature field Racing Carnival pan delta super racing festival in September 16th for domestic -18 kicked off, the race ending war is more intense, the champion hero dream will be in all the players all the last successful war. The annual title for interactive, colorful, agonistic visual feast, all this makes clear more passionate. The fourth Red Bull drift contest ending chariot King remains the adrenaline hurricane most suspense Red Bull drift competition ushered in fourth years of ending the war, as the Pan Pearl River Delta Super Racing Festival seated in the game, will continue the wonderful interpretation of the hurdle race and personal pursuit. After spring and summer season fighting wars, at present Federico, Xue Kun, Liu Zhuo, Oman, Deng Zhilun and other Dior integral close, who is the king of the annual drift? Still suspense. At the same time with veteran star shine track Red Bull drift contest since its establishment in 2013, the team Hongkong driver Deng Zhilun, Red Bull Chinese Red Bull team Italy driver Federico, Australia’s Jack · Jones and China mainland drivers Xue Kun and other players, with perennial wonderful competition and performance, become the evergreen tree of Pan Pearl River Delta Super Racing Festival tens of thousands of fans heart "". Although the Japanese car veteran Suenaga Naoto missed the autumn season, but Asia’s premier D1 GP Japan cheshen Hino Tetsuya will represent the highest level of drift, second times in the Red Bull drift contest. More familiar with the track, he can beat the pack, it is worth looking forward to. Drift rookie teenager Oman Dior in Indonesia, in the spring season and summer season won two qualifying winners, autumn race breaking competition can now see. China drift Legion and Liu Zhuo Kun Xue represents remarkable performance also let colorful Red Bull drift contest more star studded, full of highlights. Federico was crowned champion 2016 to Red Bull drift contest autumn race still follow the qualifying, hurdle race and chase the tradition on the day. In the display driver’s fancy drift skills at the same time, the comprehensive test driver drift strength. Red Bull driver Federico is a drift over obstacles. In more than four years in the field of hurdle race, the famous are on the list. In the summer season drift penalties, Federico driving the car at full speed into the goal, received a free kick, at a distance of about 10 meters from the goal of emergency braking, control the car ground skidding flick, and movement to the ball suddenly collide, and billiard ball. The action at one go, but due to insufficient speed, but in third. 2016 Red Bull drift contest autumn season, ending the war in the hurdle race car tires and graffiti art packaging barrels as barricades, when high-powered car whizzing in art graffiti adorned the art space, when the driver suffered endless passion trend Oman Dior successful counter attack is compared with Federico, Suenaga Naoto and other veterans, 20 years old Indonesia teenager Oman Dior is only a rookie. But in the 2016 Red Bull spring drift contest.相关的主题文章: