Software Oracle10g is a version of Oracle Database which essentially is a relational database management system created and marketed by Oracle Corporation and has a strong foothold in database .puting. A professional certification program in Oracle10g has primarily three levels, first – the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), second – the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) and the third – Oracle Certified Master (OCM). An Oracle Certification may help one in future placement and job opportunities and many certified Oracle database administrators work on some very advance information systems. Oracle training is always helpful for any IT professional and also helps one in landing lucrative job at various multinational corporations. By earning an oracle certification one be this much closer gain access to any future job opportunity or advancement in ones professional life. First step towards your certification includes the Oracle Certified Associate wherein one masters the basic of database administration and management. OCA certification is awarded when the candidate passes a .puterised examination taking place in a protected environment. The syllabus is basics of database administration and stuff known to anyone striving to be an entry level database administrator. Next in line is Oracle Certified Professional wherein a candidate is expected to attend an online or a class based training course at the Oracle University and then onwards pass an examination. This credential certifies ones skill in managing large scale application on databases and that one can also develop application at an industry level. The last major step is the Oracle Certified Master certification which earns you the credential of having an advance knowledge and experience at managing advanced and large scale databases and thoroughly checks your skill as a database administrator. To obtain the OCM, both the OCA and OCP are required along with a training course at the Oracle University. These certifications apply to most of Oracle products including the Oracle Database 10g release edition. Many .panies throughout can prove to be very helpful in providing oracle training for certifications in Oracle products. These .panies mostly have workshop based curriculum spanning over periods of months and help you in achieving the right level of knowledge to earn the certifications. The courses generally include a .prehensive course material covering most of the basic and advanced content of the concerned Oracle product which can either be text based or multimedia based, maybe contain certain hands on practise exercises, many review questions to brush up ones concepts, practise tests based on the current pattern of the concerned certification exam and also several hours of doubt removal sessions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: