Online lessons hot regulators into problems of some teachers do not keep the Red Net Ning when the platform – Beijing paper? Liu Shuo Wang Ying Chou Yi Liao Jun since school, many students in the classroom learning I also want something special". But because the public teachers have paid up classes banned, many parents of students to participate in the network online lessons, some outstanding online remedial teachers is a "Red Net", is favored by students. Insiders and experts believe that with the growing scale of China’s online education, online classes become increasingly important means of learning, but how to manage, become a great difficult problem in front of the teachers and education departments. Online classes by parents blitz school for nearly a month, with more and more learning contents, Changchun Liu public increasingly feel that children learn some difficulty, then give children enrolled in an online education platform for online classes, the use of school time at home with the junior middle school english. "Now the public teachers keep up classes, we want to let the children learn some knowledge, so only in the online supplement. A teacher to a video where no makeup, can ask, is very convenient." Ms. Liu said. The reporter understands, at present, like Ms. Liu’s choose to let children participate in online classes there are a lot of parents. Some parents said, compared to the traditional online makeup makeup, relatively free time, face to face with the teacher on the screen, parents can also through software audit, supervision, classroom assignments can be online real-time correction, is convenient for many. Reporter query platform introduce some online lessons, many courses have made "famousteacher one-on-one counseling" 24 hours online questions "and" mobile phone, computer, PAD, whenever and wherever possible "propaganda words, some sites also promised for the children to develop personalized learning program, quickly put points. In addition to cram school capacity, some parents also choose to give children online tutoring Mathematical Olympiad courses. Shanghai citizen Ms. Qiu said, online learning 140 yuan per class, teachers are teachers, teaching content easy to understand, not only the price is cheaper than the line number, the video also can be repeated, as the price is still high school study. One parent told reporters in Shenyang, online classes is the biggest advantage of wide resources. He bought a course through Taobao, so that a teacher in the United States to give children the English video lesson, not only the content is guaranteed, the price is very affordable, less than 100 yuan per lesson. Violation of compliance is difficult to define the reporters found that many online classes are the platform that teachers graduated from Tsinghua University, Peking University and other famous universities full-time counseling teachers. In order to increase credibility, some platforms also promised to regularly check the teacher to ensure the quality of counseling. However, the reporter learned that, at present in online remedial teachers, in addition to some full-time counseling teachers, there is a considerable part of the public school teachers. Some students and parents worry that public teachers participate in online classes will delay the normal teaching activities. Reporters in an online platform for remedial consulting to understand, the platform can provide from the major schools of public teachers for parents, which is rich in teaching experience.相关的主题文章: