Oculus compatible PC suite presale next week: starting at $1499, Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 10th morning news, over the past period of time, Oculus is working with ASUS, Alienware and DELL to develop PC to support its virtual reality devices. Oculus announced on Tuesday that it will open a Oculus Rift suite, including PC, in February 16th, with a start price of $1499. In the case of buying a suit, the price of PC will have a discount of 100 to 200 dollars. The suite includes Oculus Rift, PC games, motion sensors, a Xbox One handle, and the accompanying games, including EVE: Valkyrie Founder ‘s Pack and Lucky’ s Tale ‘, which are sufficient to support Rift. This package will be shipped in April of this year. At present, the outside world can more clearly understand the final cost of using Rift equipment. Without PC, Rift sells for 599 dollars alone. It will be a high-end product with a target population of fever class PC and console gamers, rather than casual users. The price of Oculus Rift is much higher than Samsung’s virtual reality device Gear VR. Oculus also participated in the development of Gear VR, and this product needs to cooperate with Samsung Galaxy mobile phone use. The price of this mobile phone is about 600 dollars. Therefore, the price of Rift suits is two times as much as that of Gear VR and smart phones. From next week, users will be able to make reservations through best buy, Amazon and Microsoft online stores. If you have booked Rift, you can upgrade to buy a package containing PC. These users can get a discount code through the previous booking page. If you don’t know whether an existing PC can support Rift, you can verify it by pages provided by Oculus or by running compatibility checking tools. The question now is whether Oculus can attract enough users for Rift at this price. And only attract enough users, developers will develop the game for this platform. In the next year, many vendors will force virtual reality devices, so these new platforms will be very competitive for third party games and other content. (Wei Jin)

兼容Oculus的PC套装下周预售:起步价1499美元   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月10日上午消息,过去一段时间,Oculus正与华硕、Alienware和戴尔合作,开发支持其虚拟现实设备的PC。Oculus周二宣布,将于2月16日开放预售包含PC在内的Oculus Rift套装,起步价格为1499美元。   在购买套装的情况下,PC的价格将有100至200美元的折扣。这一套装中包括Oculus Rift、性能足以支持Rift的游戏PC、运动传感器、一个Xbox One手柄,以及附带的游戏,包括《EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Pack》和《Lucky’s Tale》。这一套装将于今年4月发货。   目前,外界可以更清楚地了解使用Rift设备的最终成本。不含PC在内,Rift的单独售价为599美元。这将是一款高端产品,其目标人群是发烧级PC和主机游戏玩家,而非休闲用户。   Oculus Rift套装的价格远高于三星的虚拟现实设备Gear VR。Oculus也参与了Gear VR的开发,而这款产品需要配合三星Galaxy手机使用。这一手机的价格约为600美元。因此,Rift套装的价格是Gear VR搭配智能手机的两倍。   从下周开始,用户将可以通过百思买、亚马逊和微软在线商店进行预订。如果已预订过Rift,那么可以升级购买含PC在内的套装。这些用户可以通过此前的预订页面获得优惠折扣码。如果不确定现有PC能否支持Rift,那么可以通过Oculus提供的页面或运行兼容检查工具去确认。   目前的问题在于,Oculus能否在这一价格上为Rift吸引到足够多的用户。而只有吸引到足够多的用户,开发者才会为这一平台开发游戏大作。未来一年内,许多厂商都将发力虚拟现实设备,因此这些新平台对第三方游戏和其他内容的竞争将会非常激烈。(维金)相关的主题文章: