New Year approaching, the government should take the lead "instead of" after more than two months and to the Spring Festival, a hard year, migrant workers can be paid wages? Will not, as in previous years, there are still migrant workers around the pay and can not go home for the new year? At this point, see the Shandong provincial government to pay off the arrears of government projects, I can not help but worry that the remaining 34% of arrears in the end of the year before the end of the settlement? I also hope that, everywhere can pay close attention to, pay government arrears, and as a "instead of" the highlight. In fact, being wages of migrant workers, is often the construction enterprises in the labor contractor and employer money, engineering construction enterprises and default money. In the layers, it is difficult to clean up wages. It is also true that being wages of migrant workers, a large part of government departments in the payment of wages, wages in some government departments where the source of. This is an awkward but have to face up to the facts. According to the above news 66 billion 300 million yuan and 66% figures, the total amount of government projects in Shandong province reached a total of $100 billion, and this is the case of the special audit by the end of 2015, that some of the projects in arrears for more than one year. For these years, caused a public hot Taoxin news, many of which are government departments in the Henan provincial high court president: wages for migrant workers pay talks, wages unit is Henan province Suiping County Highway Bureau; Xinjiang Prefecture of Qapqal Autonomous County of Yili migrant workers Chuanping cable about 27 years to recover 5000 yuan wages owed him money is the County Education Bureau; Anhui Xiaoxian municipal construction contractor Yang Yongcheng project, but the local government owed tens of millions of dollars for projects…… The rule of law society, the government should take the lead law-abiding and trustworthy, clean up wages. The project construction units and wages, not only damages the interests of migrant workers, but also damages the credibility of the government departments, and even play a negative role of the "demonstration". In view of government arrears phenomenon is relatively common and negative influence, the repayment of government arrears should become the highlight of all "instead of". In this regard, the government should first make themselves, make a good example, can be more confident and take more effective measures to control wages. Of course, from the "clearing", but also to the establishment of normal wages prevention mechanism. For example, the government strengthen the project management, the project funds are not implemented, there may be those on the hazards, determined not to allow the blind; for those projects approved construction, to establish a "wage guarantee system to ensure that the project is not due to financial constraints and wages. At the same time, to improve the accountability mechanism of wages department responsible person to be strict accountability, and shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility. In fact, the criminal law amendment (eight) "added the crime of malicious wages" applies to units malicious: "unit commits the crime in the preceding paragraph, it shall be fined, and the persons directly in charge and other directly responsible personnel shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph." In fact, the government is not the lack of pay arrears, but can not see the real thing. .相关的主题文章: