Network news broadcast after the first trial next month issued new regulations to implement special management of Barrage – Beijing, the national network information office yesterday released the "Internet broadcast service management regulations". "Regulations" clearly on the Internet news news broadcast and interactive content of the implementation of the first trial management. Illegal live service publishers and users will be blacklisted, and prohibit re registration account. "Regulations" will be implemented next month, according to incomplete statistics, the company provides more than 300 home network service platform. The network broadcast platform more than 300 National Network Information Office of the person in charge, on the Internet as a new form of communication is developing rapidly, according to incomplete statistics, providing enterprise Internet broadcast platform services more than 300 companies in China, and the number is still growing. Some live platform edge, by the vulgar eye; some spread of illegal content, contrary to the socialist core values, bring adverse effects to the physical and mental health of young people; and the platform for the lack of relevant qualifications, to carry out illegal news broadcast, disrupting the normal communication order, must be standardized. The news broadcast to be "double qualification" "Regulations" to regulate the Internet news information broadcast service, put forward "double qualification", namely the Internet broadcast service providers and Internet broadcast released the Internet news information services, shall obtain the qualification of Internet news information services in accordance with law, and carry out the Internet News information service in the scope of the license in. "Regulations" also proposed that in order to ensure that the Internet news news broadcast and its interactive content of health, the Internet broadcast service providers should be carried out after the first trial of live content management. Where the Internet news information service is provided, the chief editor shall be established. The Internet broadcast publisher shall be truthful, accurate and objective. Reproduced news information should be complete and accurate, shall not distort the content of news information, and indicate the source in a prominent position, to ensure that the source of news information can be traced back. Live offenders into the "black list" "Regulations" requirements, the Internet broadcast service providers should be equipped to adapt to the scale and service professionals have the ability of Internet broadcast instant blocking technology. The establishment of live content audit platform, according to the contents of the Internet broadcast category, user scale, such as the implementation of hierarchical classification management. The establishment of Internet broadcast publishing credit management system, in violation of the "Regulations" and other laws and regulations of the Internet broadcast providers and users, the Internet broadcast service providers should be included in the blacklist, no re registered account. Today, some of the network anchor in order to attract popular Bo eye, regardless of the practice of jurisprudence has been criticized. The "provision" is put forward, the Internet broadcast service users shall not endanger national security, disrupting social order, dissemination of pornographic and other activities prohibited by laws and regulations, no information content creation, copy, publish, prohibit the dissemination of laws and regulations. "Regulations" also requires Internet broadcast service providers should strengthen the real-time management of the comments, barrage and other live interactive links, equipped with the appropriate management personnel. Internet service users should be recorded to publish content and log information, Bao Cunlu相关的主题文章: