NBA and Chinese bank in Shaanxi alliance will donate NBA standard basketball sports Sohu – Xianyang city leaders, NBA China chief operating officer Qian Jun bocgi chairman Li Xiaojing attended the donation ceremony of   NBA and China bank today to join the star guard Mike to Xianyang to Shaanxi after Yongshou County, outdoor basketball court donated the NBA standard for a middle school in Yongshou, and bring a NBA level of basketball training class for students. NBA and Bank of China also announced that the two sides will work together to support the charity through the platform of basketball. In addition to the Yongshou high school stadium, outdoor basketball courts and the two sides will be in Shaanxi in Changwu County, Chunhua county and Xunyi County donated a NBA standard, to promote healthy lifestyle more young and active. The two sides today in the first completed Yongshou middle school basketball court announced the decision, NBA Chinese coo Qian Jun, vice president of China bank Liu Qiang, BOC Investment Limited company chairman Li Xiaojing, silver investment limited CEO Gong Jianzhong, Xianyang Municipal Committee, vice mayor Sun Yazheng Yue Liang and Beebe attended the local leadership the stadium donation ceremony.   NBA Chinese coo NBA Chinese speech Qian Jun coo Mr. Qian Jun at the donation ceremony, the NBA and Chinese bank on the charity work, described as "give a fish, fragrance in hand". He said that young people are the future of China, but also the future of sports. I am very glad to join hands with the Bank of China to contribute to the great cause of teaching and educating people. Basketball is very popular in China, hope to basketball as a carrier, taking sports as the breakthrough point, in addition to the basketball resources to different villages and towns, to encourage young people to exercise their own through basketball, learn, unremittingly teamwork, respect the rules and other important sports spirit and life curriculum. Silver Investment Limited CEO Mr. Gong Jianzhong in an interview expressed the BOC for poverty alleviation and love the cause of attention and investment. China bank as one of the world’s largest banks, social responsibility is an important mission, and the old revolutionary base in Shaanxi, Xianyang, is one of the key areas of poverty alleviation of silver. He also said that NBA care action is not only a charity, but also contribute to the promotion of cultural exchanges between China and the u.s.. On the basis of good cooperation between the two sides in the field of sports, business investment and other areas, to join hands in philanthropy will be another step in the good partnership between the two sides.   Mike Beebe in Yongshou? High school kids on Jr. NBA basketball training class ceremony scene, in the NBA field for 14 years, played for 6 teams defender Beebe for children to have a Jr. NBA basketball training class, his usual NBA training in basic skills courses to Yongshou middle school this group of children who love basketball. As a high school basketball coach Beebe said he enjoyed the process of kids playing Professor, "can be for many years of experience and experience in the league, to teach the future strength, I feel very proud, this is the first time to participate in the China NBA cares.相关的主题文章: