"Li Mingdingyong Wang Li" in the written exam confused many candidates   part of the problem on the micro-blog hot search – Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: national test yesterday written: "Li Mingdingyong Wang Li" around the halo of many candidates to part of the problem on the micro-blog hot search yesterday by the exam, candidates out of the examination room. Photo by reporter Tang Guangfeng yesterday on the "test" to participate in the civil service exam candidates, the most memorable is the "Li Ming, Ding Yong, Wang Li.". Administrative professional ability test papers appeared in 5 logical judgment questions, is the examination of the work of the 3 division of labor, many candidates have been around halo. Last night, this problem also on the micro-blog hot search. It is understood that this year’s national examination, the final 1 million 486 thousand and 300 people through the qualification examination, an increase of 91 thousand and 700 over last year; the heat of competition for jobs to "one", a record. The Xiamen set up a total of 16 test sites, 537 room, 16104 candidates selection test in Xiamen. This year’s national examination papers or as in the past to down to earth, to examine the many social hot spots. Artisan spirit, rabbit was the rover were written into the exam. Some of the hot issues related to the law, such as the recently launched charity law, criminal law amendment (nine), but also to impress the candidates. Yesterday afternoon on the test is as good as water "," water as teacher ", highlighting the city construction and development of wisdom, candidates Xiao Xu said she felt that this problem is not difficult, but to get a high score is not easy. Most of the candidates Tucao 5 logic to determine the problem, the 5 questions from the same material, the division of Li Ming, Ding Yong, Wang Li is the 3 staff together to complete the financial, management, network, personnel and education work of the 5. The title looks simple, but the halo around a lot of candidates. "In order to study the division of labor between the 3, I did not complete the data analysis and quantitative relations, all of mongolia." Candidates Miss Wang said. After the test on a micro-blog, Miss Wang Yue: I did not expect so many people have been around to go, and this problem is hot search." In addition to the difficulty, the number of questions are also candidates tucao. The exam, deputy provincial test for a total of 135 questions, the paper has 130 questions. Graduate Xie said, there are 5 minutes away from the end of the examination, he has more than and 20 question did not do, quickly even guess the answer card painted. In that moment, only to find the painted more. "The country is still very difficult, it is necessary to feel the atmosphere, and encourage themselves to prepare for next year ‘s Provincial examination." (reporter Wu Siting) (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Zhang Zijian)相关的主题文章: