"Naruto" ten Lingshou the soy sauce actually miserable as a stepping stone in the "Naruto" in the world, except the beast, have to say is a psychic beast. The beast strength was weak, and according to the character, can reveal through various psychic power, of course premise is to sign a contract and it is. In these animals pass, which is the most unique? "Naruto" ten of the most vicious psychic beast Shaman – Wan snake. The snake is created orochimaru. A very brutal, each call will require a lot of people as a sacrifice! Master weakness will betray, ambition is very big! The snake the most frightening psychic beast — tapir. Danzo psychic beast tapir quite scary, a big lump, said the prototype is Baku, is a ruthless role. His big mouth don’t know how many things can be swallowed, and Maitreya master Fengxue have a fight. The tapir clever beast — Magic ape. Monkey Magic is created, the three generation can change on sarutobi cut, will Ninjutsu, have a certain IQ, with considerable understanding and the three generation. The devil’s most powerful Shaman – crab. The beast, beast way crabs run amuck! Crab is the most toxic of the Beast – Mountain pepper fish. The beast half hidden, like a salamander. Have poison. Psychic beast — the Cryptobranchoidea toughest split dog. This I believe we all know, beast beast way through Penn’s call hit more, really difficult! Split the dog’s soy sauce, the psychic beast. Akay’s tolerance of the turtle in the early psychic once, let ah Kay forced to use. When the silica gel is a psychic, summoned as a stepping stone. To _ to endure the strongest psychic beast turtle — like magic. The essence is to be out of the tail of the ten chakra is the six immortal body, sealed the moon, after being psychic Uchiha madara has the most powerful vitality! Externalists Golem psychic beast — minimum tadpole. Remember the tadpole Naruto summons? Yes, the smallest is it! The small tadpole biggest psychic — slug beast. 000 snakes and the snake and Bunta toad is in the race of the individual, and is a whole slug, that is to say in the wet bone forest only a slug, and each is a part of Tsunade summon slugs of adults, as can be imagined how much slug! Slug (source: Animation Editor: Star BZ) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: