The British ocean son married Nanning: Nanning sister eat powder will guess Daniel code (respondents for map) contemporary life newspaper reporter   when Guan Haifang for the first time in the WeChat and Daniel contact, the reporter always feel like a foreigner in the dialogue. Daniel from the United Kingdom, but his hair is very easy to send Chinese information, the circle of friends is basically the Chinese language, the habit of speaking is also very similar to the people of Nanning. When it comes to the "south", Daniel smiled: "my wife said I have Nanpu accent!" 1  Chinese on learning by making China friend Chinese in 2008, Daniel graduated from the University of Manchester with a master, when the financial crisis led to the world economic setback, Daniel said: "it was not easy to find a job, but China develops quickly, my classmate is Nanning people, they said" come and see. ". So I came to Nanning." When I first came to Nanning, Daniel won’t say Chinese, specially to the foreign language school of Guangxi University reported a training class for foreigners to teach the Chinese. Daniel went to class on the first day to make a oolong. Before class, the teacher had told Daniel which classroom building which classroom. The same day, Daniel came to a classroom, see his hand on the book, look at the blackboard, the teacher writing on the blackboard, "Gosh, I really want to cry ah, why is it so hard? Daniel more think more feel wrong, a class to call the teacher said: "learning Chinese is too difficult!" The teacher asked where he was, Daniel found himself in the wrong classroom, where he was in the classroom, when the sky is a political lesson, no wonder he felt Chinese difficult! Daniel in the West for nearly a year of Chinese learning, mainly in the Chinese vocabulary, dictation, etc.. Daniel think, just back Vocabulary Chinese progress is too slow, have to find Chinese people speak chinese. So, unlike many other foreigners who like to make friends with foreigners, Daniel tries to make Chinese people. Daniel admits that he came to Nanning more than 7 years, not many foreign friends, but many Chinese friends. Especially when he had just learned Chinese, try not to say too much to foreigners, in order to make their efforts to adapt to Chinese language environment. During that time, he handed in a study in Guangxi, Sichuan friends, two people often go to dinner together, eat barbecue, the direction of his English, he learned from each other to learn chinese. In this way, about two years later, Daniel and Chinese chat, there is no obstacle. The reporter asked him: "the people of Nanning and communicate more with Chinese, will not let you talk with ‘South’ accent?" He smiled: "yes, my wife said I have Nanpu accent!" Daniel and his wife (respondents for map) on 2  Nanning complex was married to the Nanning woman witnessed the development of Nanning Daniel just arrived in Nanning, IELTS in an educational institution, this one is taught for nearly 5 years. Later, he started his own classes to teach English, learning to have children, and adults. Now!相关的主题文章: