Nanjing Xuanwu Avenue Weidang construction caused by road workers complain incessantly due to Xuanwu Avenue renovation, the vehicle slowly ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express trainee reporter Jetion photo Xuanwu Avenue is a bridge connecting the city and the city Xianlin Vice City Road, endless traffic. Since the beginning of October Xuanwu Avenue comprehensive environmental remediation project began after the enclosure part of motorized vehicles, many workers complain incessantly. Yesterday, the modern express reporter got good news from the headquarters site, the road repair has been completed in 70%, the main road back to normal traffic at the end of November. About 2 pm yesterday, the modern express reporter drove from the main city of Xuanwu Avenue from the entrance into the interchange, vehicles and more, while flowing smoothly, but the speed to 30 kilometers an hour. West to east direction of the road, the road on the right side of the block to occupy a lane, the construction team is on-site construction. The car into Huayuan Road overpass, to Huayuan Road, Itakura Street direction, due to the construction needs of lane only for a bus pass. Modern Express reporter learned that a construction scope of Xuanwu Avenue, West interchange, Huayuan Road overpass, five road interchange, Wangjiawan flyover, overpass intersection, East Yang Fang interchange, a total length of 7.12 kilometers, the main construction contents include lane road disease treatment, inspection wells, replacement of bridge expansion joints, pavement maintenance a new and improved traffic function, the estimated total duration of 227 days. Xuanwu Avenue comprehensive environmental remediation project headquarters project department responsible person to Yang told reporters that the main road pavement rehabilitation project is expected to be basically completed at the end of November, as has now completed 70%. According to the staff of the scene, the main work is to repair the pavement disease and disease inspection wells, the original Xuanwu Avenue pit, in need of repair. Reporters learned that, after the restoration of the main road surface, will continue to part of the bridge expansion joints, pavement pervious concrete laying work. Some people have suggested that the morning and evening rush hours can be made out of the lane has been repaired? Yang said that, in the construction process do not disturbing, stepping up period, "in general, the construction will occupy at least one lane". Across the board set up a total of about 6 km of road block, if in the morning and evening peak time to move the block position, time and labor are difficult to do. On the other hand, the freedom to move around the location of the block, but also endanger the safety of motorists. The traffic control department said that in the morning and evening peak Xuanwu Avenue, east-west congestion will occur. Before the completion of the main road pavement construction, proposed to the east direction out of town by Longpan Road, Itakura street, Jiang Wang Temple Street traffic; the direction of the city through the beltway highway bypass, avoid Xuanwu avenue. (Cai Mengying)相关的主题文章: