Nanjing property market is the most stringent control on the first day: the amount of new homes less than 10% of the average subscription of the Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Nanjing property market regulation "the introduction of an upgraded version of" by many industry insiders called the history of the most stringent regulatory policies, in two aspects of purchase and credit limit are out of the "henzhao". Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Nanjing property market, many developers act, with the purchase of loans eligible one by one to verify the intention of customers, individuals who received for their past Bulibucai sales calls, unexpectedly temporarily excited. In addition, the credit limit policy on the upgrade version of the execution time, there are still a variety of claims, the relevant departments to be issued to clarify the rules. The new home market buyers invited to "interview" was high in August this year, Mr. people overwhelmed by an unexpected favour a hot Nanjing Hexi south of the real estate registration name and phone sales staff told him that the next batch of listings in the opening date is about October. The results of more than a month later, Mr. Gao has not received any phone sales call, buy a house is no echo. Unexpectedly, yesterday morning the real estate sales to a high call, told that he can go to the sales offices to discuss. "Didn’t expect what, that relations are too much, simply not ranked on me, now tell me to go to the sales offices, a bit overwhelmed by an unexpected favour!" Mr. Gao think, if it does not find someone can buy, Mr. Gao believes that this is the "big deal" to help. Yangzi Evening News reporter then with the real estate developers made contact, said the relevant persons responsible for marketing the interview, Nanjing regulatory policy "upgrade" last night after the introduction of their marketing staff is indeed in the verification of the intention of customers purchase qualifications, but the customer notice to the sales offices of the interview are in the minority. "Most are confirmed by telephone, have the intention to buy strong, will allow customers to discuss the sales offices," the source said, the credit limit policy so severely, be "fire" will certainly have a lot of customers, more than a total of two days in the situation of customers "touch the bottom", and their opening time has not been finalized. North XinPan said it would normally opened recently officially unveiled the Los Angeles Metro North swallow property SUNAC Magnolia mansion is a new project, the developer of the original plan in mid to late 10 opened for the first time, and the purchase of credit limit both "upgrade", housing prices have any new plans? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in the real estate sales offices to see, come to showings customers about three or four people, a sales staff said that with the introduction of the policy, the distinction is not big. This plate or just need to give priority to it, the new deal will have some impact, but not the impact of the popular investment sector so big." Marketing official said, the current project for the first time opening date not what changes leaked price is around 30 thousand yuan per square meter, hardcover delivery, the expected number of limited purchase, credit limit affect customers in 1 to 3 between. New Oriental Jun Yi East Yincheng positioning high-end pension customers, developers on the table相关的主题文章: