Nanjing police have uncovered large recruitment fraud   intermediary with the legality of cheat migrant workers — Law — original title: with the legality of intermediary cheat migrant workers hard-earned money released ads in several well-known websites through formal intermediary companies, many migrant workers come to candidates with high salaries to lure. Once the migrant workers come with medical fee, permit fee and other names for migrant workers pay nearly 10000 yuan fee, and then let them go home and notice. However, when applying these migrant workers once again came to the company, we will find that the empty. After investigation, there have been more than 500 migrant workers cheated millions of Yuan hard-earned money. In August 1st, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu province Qixia branch after more than two months, the Public Security Bureau in Jiangsu Province, Nanjing City Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation, technical investigation and police and other departments under the strong support, successfully cracked the "3? 25" Jiangsu provincial public security department to supervise the handling of specific migrant workers recruitment fraud case series, successfully destroyed three fraud gang in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong three, arrested 17 suspects, involving 117 cases. Since 2015, in Qixia District of Nanjing City, there are more than migrant workers report that the "Baidu" "" "help" web site to see the formal intermediary company issued recruitment advertising and promised to the crew, the ship and the annual salary of at least 120 thousand yuan. But this is not the case, Wang is one of the victims. By the end of 2014, Wang hometown through advertising saw Nanjing changfan Shipping Agency Co. Ltd. crew recruitment information, contact with each other after the 11 of them came home from Nanjing Jinhua building to find "a manager", "manager Zhang told them to pay 350 yuan per person to the hospital medical examination fee. After Zhang manager called to say that all qualified physical examination, asking them to pay 8800 yuan for the crew certificate, pay the money to let them go home and other notice. After that, they have not contact "Zhang", 11 people came to the Jinhua building again, found empty. After trying to escape the black fishing victim Zhang said that after the completion of a series of charges, he was introduced to the Qidong fishing boat internship. He was in charge of piling on the ship, every morning to get up at 5 to work, work until dark. Piling work is very bitter, only 3000 yuan per month subsidy, so high intensity of work so that he can not stand, and finally can only think of a way to escape, even his own luggage and documents are not taken. According to the investigation, the Nanjing police quickly set up a task force to carry out preliminary investigation in a timely manner in. The task force for up to two months of investigation found that the case involved millions of dollars, involving a number of more than 500 people, and many of the workers were cheated migrant workers. Preliminary investigation shows that the suspect in order to escape the attack, has been a lot of camouflage. In order to implement fraud, the suspect often set up a number of companies involved in the flow of funds unknown. According to the investigation, the task force six points, respectively, in Nanjing and Zhejiang, Shandong and other places Mopai, to prevent the suspect fled and the loss of evidence. August 1st, Nanjing City Public Security Bureau Qixia branch of more than 60 police officers, in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Wenling, mountain)相关的主题文章: