Men and women friends open house stealing their property after the notice to the other husband access original title: woman with friends open house property was swept away informed her husband up Taiwan network in September 22nd according to the Fuzhou Evening News reported that the woman with friends open house, rings, necklaces and other valuable belongings were swept away by the mobile phone users, and even call her the husband, let him access to the hotel. Yesterday morning, two people of husband and wife dispute in the hotel, the hotel staff to the new police station. 9 pm yesterday, Jinan new police station received a hotel staff Fu Fei Road police, a couple in the store to fight, the situation is more serious. Police rushed to the scene, I saw a middle-aged men and women are fierce quarrel. The man was very excited, have been cursed each other "shameless", but also the beatings, the hotel staff is also not resigned to playing second fiddle, persuasion, the two sides urged the police will be busy. It is understood that yesterday morning, Lee suddenly received a phone call from his wife’s cell phone. After the call is connected, a strange man said, Lee’s wife in the Fu Fei Lu Hotel and friends open house, so he went to the hotel to meet people, the other is also directly explained that his wife Lee and real friends. Hang up the phone, Lee quickly rushed to the hotel, found his wife Xiemou, the two sides dispute. After understanding, thanks to WeChat met a male friend, two people meet in a certain way to meet the hotel, she went to the bathroom. Wash out from the bathroom, Xiemou found rings, necklaces and mobile phones and other belongings lost, users are gone. Soon her husband rushed to the hotel to hit, she suspected her friends when she called the phone screen lock password. At present, the police are looking for suspected theft of male friends, Lee and Xiemou dispute between the feelings of their own solution. Source: Taiwan Network – Fuzhou evening news editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: