Medok gentry Chateau Union through the new network in the new network in September 19, the new scheme – Classification according to the French media "ideas" (Le Point) reported that the Medoc Chateau Union held in September 14th the members of the general assembly, with 78% of the votes by the Medok family name Zhuang classification scheme. The new scheme will be Medok clan name village is divided into three levels, from low to high in the Medoc Chateau Medoc, the super Chateau Medoc, excellent gentry gentry johnston. If approved by the government, it will take effect in 2020. During the 2012 year of the Medoc Chateau Wine gentry tour in November last year Chinese held, led a delegation to participate in the Medoc gentry Chateau union vice president Oliver? Fryar had talked about new grading plan, he then said, "the same as" blind grading goods "review, and not only a year, but also the continuous in recent years, the stability depends on the duration and quality of wine". The Chateau Medoc has just passed the new grading plan is determined every 5 years to a selection, in the past 5 years Wine winery for selection based on quality. Medok Medok, the name of village gentry union coverage of Medok, Lister, Rees, Medok, mu, eight, even in Margaux Saint Pollack, Saint steif love AOC (AOC) etc.. The Medoc Chateau gentry grading system approved by the French government in 2010, with specific year Wine as the assessment object to determine winery eligibility, object for 2008 year review for the first time in 2010 Wine, as of 2013 year Wine selection results announced in 2015, the total number of Medoc Chateau nobles selected the calendar year were: 2008 year 243 home, 2009 year 246, 2010 year 260, 2011 year 256, 2012 year 267, 2013 year 251, 6 year cumulative 166 million bottles of Chateau Medoc gentry Wine. According to the latest data of the year 2013, in the Medoc region, the Chateau Medoc alliance vineyard area accounted for about 30%, Wine production accounted for about 26%. (Chen Zhuang)

梅多克士族名庄联盟通过分级新方案-中新网   中新网9月19日电 据法国媒体《观点》(Le Point)报道,梅多克士族名庄联盟于9月14日召开成员大会,以78%的赞成票通过了梅多克士族名庄分级新方案。新方案拟将梅多克士族名庄分为三个等级,由低到高依次为梅多克士族名庄、超级梅多克士族名庄、优级梅多克士族名庄。如获政府批准,将于2020年生效。   去年11月在中国举办的2012年份梅多克士族名庄葡萄酒巡展期间,率团参展的梅多克士族名庄联盟副主席奥利维?弗里耶曾经谈及新分级计划,他当时透露,新分级“同样以‘盲品’方式评审,而且不只看一个年份,还要看连续几个年份,要看酒庄的持续性和酒质的稳定性”。刚刚通过的梅多克士族名庄分级新方案确定为每5年重新评选一次,以酒庄过去5个年份的葡萄酒品质为评选依据。   梅多克士族名庄联盟覆盖梅多克、上梅多克、利斯特拉克-梅多克、慕里斯、玛歌、圣于连、波亚克、圣爱斯泰夫等八大法定产区(AOC)。现行梅多克士族名庄分级制度由法国政府2010年批准实施,以具体年份的葡萄酒为评审对象来确定酒庄入选资格,2010年首次评审的对象为2008年份葡萄酒,截至2015年公布的2013年份葡萄酒评选结果,历年入选的梅多克士族名庄总数分别为:2008年份243家、2009年份246家、2010年份260家、2011年份256家、2012年份267家、2013年份251家,6个年份累计提供1.66亿瓶梅多克士族名庄葡萄酒。根据最新的2013年份数据,在整个梅多克产区,梅多克士族名庄联盟的葡萄园面积约占30%,葡萄酒产量约占26%。(陈庄)相关的主题文章: