"Sing" masked Afanda sister guess detonated National hot popularity – Sohu entertainment pointed ears Afanda sister   Sohu entertainment news this Sunday evening 20:30, large original music program "masked sing guess" is about to usher in the second Jiangsu satellite TV broadcast. The program left four without exposing the surface to sing the mystery suspense, following the premiere triggered national quiz boom, this program will have two new Jin sang "don’t speak to strangers" Fox "knock melon cat" substitute. Bring a "solo" as boundless as the sea and sky in the first phase of the program, with super strength and shock the audience guess jury "sister Afanda" has not yet been guessed exposing the surface on the network, but gained huge popularity. After the show ended, they rushed onto the micro-blog hot search list, to broadcast second days, "Afanda sister" has risen to the top ten hot search list. Sherry, Sandy Lam, Yue Sun, and Na Ying…… Users of her identity more than speculation, true identity is unknown, is the "sister Afanda" identity attracted a large audience, not only because she is a powerful and unconstrained style two dimensional modeling and super strength, but also reflects the unique charm of the original music program. "She’s hiding too deep." In period second and again "Afanda sister" game, Ella said he was helpless, she still couldn’t guess. Momoco seems a little thought, "Afanda’s sister must go through some life experience," "last sing a little vicissitudes as boundless as the sea and sky, today a little sweet, but not the kind of greasy 90 sweet, adorable and sweet." "Sister Afanda" in the confrontation and guess the jury not panic disorder, "Xiao Nan, don’t I? Arthur, go back and tell your sister kim." She called "Shen Nan Xiao Nan Zi", Shen Nan guessed that she was Na Ying and released relentless: "she is not the elder sister, I quit the show" Venus "." Momoco immediately added: "ask Afanda sister, is not sent me something?" "A little thing, needless to say, right?" "Sister Afanda" answer fluently. Momoco into thinking, but taking into account the sound does not seem to be like Na Ying, guess the jury is still unable to determine, and exclaimed: "if it is not for her, it should be a fortune teller, and she can answer anything out of it," said Wowkie Zhang." Small V robot make the analysis of her voice: "sister Afanda voice is very special, with a variety of frequency range at the same time, suspected of accepting other vocal training, such as opera and bel canto, national opera, and this kind of artist, I have not entered. If she’s not Na Ying, it’s not in my identification." Who is Afanda’s sister? This quiz boom to Na Ying herself attracted to taking a guess on ":" yesterday saw "masked", changed the mode more attractive. Qu Ying, I guess, Yoga Lin, I guess. Everyone can’t guess Afanda sister, I guessed it immediately, to listen to her singing behind that you know." The elder sister seems confident, and "Afanda sister" friendship is not shallow. At this point, "Afanda’s sister" is the possibility of universal days covered many areas of music has been very large, but the jury is still guess not touch it, "the history of the most difficult to guess" she gets to sing. Premiered to great acclaim, taste and music of both the "masked" will sing second.相关的主题文章: