Man strangled lover derailed dismembered wire tied bricks in Shenhe suspect Jo was detained in Jiangning detention center on September 24th, Nanjing Jiangning police received a report, Dongshan Street harvest Hanoi found the body of a woman suspected of murder. On the evening of September 25th, the police arrested the suspect Cao, the confession of the deceased for his lover, because of emotional disputes murder (September 27th Modern Express seal 8 version has been reported). Yesterday, the Jiangning police to disclose the details of the case to the media. The suspect Jo for 9 years of love derailed and murder, the police issued a reward to collect clues, suspects and victims had rented a rental landlord mother-in-law provide clues, the rental housing is the first murder scene. The river in half body discovered September 24th at 12 o’clock, Nanjing Jiangning Public Security Bureau received a public warning, said found a corpse in Jiangning District Dongshan Street Takahashi Industrial Park Hanoi harvest. The body was black plastic bag and tied with red brick. After the inquest, the dead were women, double lower limb defect. Police analysis confirmed that this is dismembered murder case. Subsequently, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau set up a task force to investigate. The morning of September 25th, police released xiechatongbao and reward notice, to find the source. According to the results of forensic autopsy, the victim’s death time in about 7 days. "This is a lot more work for our investigation, we deployed dozens of police cases around the center of the scene to tune to see surveillance, investigation." Members of the task force, Zhang Chengyuan, deputy director of the Jiangning police station on the square, while the police station community police are also in the vicinity of the crime scene several communities mopai. The landlord mother provides the clues on the evening of September 25th at around 6, in a community site about one kilometer from the dead, a more than and 70 year old mother to the community police reflect the dead may be a tenant before her a strict. The physical characteristics of comparison, the police finally confirmed that the deceased was a 49 year old man from Nanjing, a strict. According to the landlord’s mother to reflect, and her boyfriend had a strict Yan rented in her home. From two months ago, the two often quarrel. In September 18th, Cao suddenly surrender, and a strict will disappear without a trace. The landlady told the police that she had asked Jo, Yan where to go. Cao claimed that his girlfriend ran away with the third. The landlord said her mother, she is familiar with a strict Yan, know that there is indeed a certain derailment behavior, so there is no doubt. Until she saw the police issued a reward notice, the clothes on the dead body is a strict often wear, she realized that Yan may have an accident. "Accordingly, we judge Cao has a major crime suspects." The ad hoc group members, Jiangning Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade heavy case squadron commander Wang Di said, then after Mopai, police quickly identified the Jo’s whereabouts, and in September 25th 10 pm, a village in the Jiangning factory warehouse will suspect Cao mou. After the examination, Jo confessed because of emotional disputes will be a strict and brutal killing, dismembered corpse crime after settling pond. 24 hours hot news: the CPC Liaoning provincial Party Committee Organization Department announcement   Liaoning bulletin from the provisions of the provisions of the 2 violations of   Shenyang, the use of the 3 organs of the car.相关的主题文章: